Let's start it off with a simple one.

xtain :
"Well what if you're wrong?'


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My intelligent rebuttal:
Your face.

I was going to make a 'Well, this is just Pascal's wager shortened to a single sentence' post, but Nelson has pretty much covered that angle, in depth. :)
Pastors daughters can be some FREAKY SLUTS!!!!
Wow, I think that covers everything except the mention that surely an all-knowing God would be able to see right through such a deception anyways.

Great post Nelson!
"What if" is at the heart of everything and we all live our lives abiding by it's pervasive inquiry. As James says above, if there were a god he would see though any attempts at faking something so ethereal as belief anyway.

When I was one of the sheep, my constant struggle was with my belief, I knew in my head that it didn't make sense but I knew in my liver that I better just try harder.

You either believe or you don't, you can't fake believing in something. If only the fearful could see it in all it's simplicity, like gravity or evolution - the facts support the theory and results in logical choices which become knowledge.

The pressure to believe the unbelievable must be unbearable - that's why those Christians are so mean.
God most definitly knows our hearts, we will stand before Him and He will see our true motives. Those Christians attempting for the Get out of hell free card will be sadly dissipointed. Salvation is gained through faith.
Wow!! Well written Nelson!

Thanks for the great ideas, facinating read. :D
it seems well "silly" that any god if their is one floating around somewhere could be comprehended by man and if their is one i would feel he, she, it or other, would rather watch the grass grow than man destroy itself from the inside out or from the outside in, it all depends on how you see it
Nelson didn't answer the question of what if he is wrong. Sure we may have spent time believing a God that doesnt exist, but 1 side has to be wrong. So if that is you Mr Nelson, does the thought of hell bother you at all..if you know what the Bible says about it?
Why "1 side has to be wrong?" This seems to imply that you only thing there are 2 sides.

As Nelson points out, what about the hundreds/thousands of other gods/religions/sects?

To further bolster Nelson's point #1 in his prior refutation, see this video (shorter version in TA video bucket) where Neil degrasse Tyson enumerates the lessons of history where "god stops further investigations".

There are bad consequences for theism, they are measurable. Pascal's logic is invalid.
Awesome post, Nelson. Two thumbs up.


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