I don't want this to be a chance for you to tell me what is wrong with the theocratic abscess burrowed; the thorn in your side or the vacant imperfection imposed upon the resident scapegoat. I care not to afford you the opportunity to lick your wounds in my sight or to appease the cultural norms subscribed.

Without the fear on the other side of the fence nor the ruckus in the alley way I want you to tell me what the benefit of an atheist lifestyle is had the social and political majority not absolved you and the necessary protestation of that artificial insemination had manifested itself in hindsight.

In other words, had there been no myth where would you see yourself rather than where would you see yourself in light of it.

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Shut up and speak your mind.

Your post is bullshit.

Ah...Little D.H. Butthurt has returned, welcome back David, enjoy your stay, I know I will. :)

WeWikipedia: We is the first-person, plural personal pronoun (subject case) in Modern English.

That was a cheap and vulgar display.

David, this is why you get banned from every forum. 

Shut up and speak your mind.

Is that even possible? Shutting up would prevent her from speaking at all.

And since she is typing the response, I presume on her own volition, she is speaking her mind. So, you should instead drop the attitude and behave like a respectable human being, so the conversation can progress past this teenage anger stage.

Why waste your time with him, Milos? You're only giving him the attention he so desperately needs.

Good point, Arch. Maybe if we ignore him he will just go away.

Had humans never had a capacity for magical thought, then kings/leaders would have never been able to create lies to lead the masses of sheep that are theists.  This would have greatly slowed the development of civilization.  In such an instance, in order to live in the proto-civilization that I do, either another mechanism would need to have been found or I would have to be born in the future.

Given one or the other scenario, I answer your question by imagining the non-theistic society in which I would live, and my place in it.  I see a world where leaders can say, "I don't know because I do not have enough information."  I see people settling arguments by examining evidence - something of which YOU and nearly all Christians are incapable.  I see a world without racism, borders, or even much stratification between classes.  I see a world where everyone is truly born equal.  All in all, I see utopia.  I am glad that I live so much nearer that world than my ancestors and I see a bright future like this for the human race if we can keep you Bronze Age knuckle draggers from destroying the planet.


Yeah, beautiful man. . .

I definately agree with the slow progress statement and I so much want to agree with what the rest of Heather says above, but as I look around at human nature, I have my doubts.

If there wasn't the absoluteness of religion to subjegate, separate, and shepherd the masses. I am sure we would have either come up with something else or simply amplify another of the existing delineations of geography, culture, military power, race, fill-in-the blank.

My suspicion is that the large percentage of humans by their nature strive on abdication. Giving the big, difficult, and analysis requiring decisions up to someone else as they pursue more satisfying animalistic goals. The drug of power and control does not necessarily get introduced to everyone, nor does everyone have the capacity to obtain and execute that power, and if your appetite hasn't been whet with it, then your ability to fall in line behind whoever is making those hard decisions for you gets easier.

I'm sure we would simply be arguing about and separated by something else. After all, what else would you expect animals to do?


In my scenario, our nature has evolved past 'magical thought' - and that would mean a paradigm shift in civilization that would very likely free us from a lot of our cyclical mistakes.  Just saying.


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