I don't want this to be a chance for you to tell me what is wrong with the theocratic abscess burrowed; the thorn in your side or the vacant imperfection imposed upon the resident scapegoat. I care not to afford you the opportunity to lick your wounds in my sight or to appease the cultural norms subscribed.

Without the fear on the other side of the fence nor the ruckus in the alley way I want you to tell me what the benefit of an atheist lifestyle is had the social and political majority not absolved you and the necessary protestation of that artificial insemination had manifested itself in hindsight.

In other words, had there been no myth where would you see yourself rather than where would you see yourself in light of it.

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what a serious poem. I would sleep before the first stanza is done

Not so serious, Onyango, when taken as intended, tongue-in-cheek --

I'm sorry I fell asleep halfway thru...did it have a happy ending. :D

Normally, Mike, use of that phrase is the last refuge of the vocabulary-impaired, but in David's case, it's certainly tempting.

A vocabulary impairment?

Okay, your opinion.

My opinion? It's an occasional vocabulary enhancement.

In second place, after "God fucked up."


This line of thought has always puzzled me.

To start off may I ask you a question?

If so, what religious group are you part of?

"I was born with no organ for the reception of faith."

 Uhm... ... This organ is called the brain. It is used for several things among them believing in religion. Not the most efficient use admittedly but... There is a lot of scientific data out there that shows the release of chemicals that basically cause one to get high off of praying and the like which allows people to think (with that organ) that they feel the presents of god. 

I guess I'm an "incomplete person" too - I was born without a gullibility gene --

Haven't we been down this road before. Atheists are such because of some mental defect that we have? Or was it the other way around for theists?

I think it's more accurate to say that theism is a communicable disease (or meme, if you will), and it weakens clear thinking. We're all born vulnerable to various diseases. But I wouldn't try to convince theists of that, in those words. The cure comes down to improving one's critical thinking.

Thanks for the reply Patrick and welcome to the group, how's the weather in Romania?

I'll respond later I have to go to dinner with some non-theists right now.

Patrick, that is one long metaphor! I reckon you saw a glazed look in the eyes of a few xians.

Do you have any faith in whether readers here have the patience to fathom it?


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