I don't want this to be a chance for you to tell me what is wrong with the theocratic abscess burrowed; the thorn in your side or the vacant imperfection imposed upon the resident scapegoat. I care not to afford you the opportunity to lick your wounds in my sight or to appease the cultural norms subscribed.

Without the fear on the other side of the fence nor the ruckus in the alley way I want you to tell me what the benefit of an atheist lifestyle is had the social and political majority not absolved you and the necessary protestation of that artificial insemination had manifested itself in hindsight.

In other words, had there been no myth where would you see yourself rather than where would you see yourself in light of it.

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The definition of atheism is a farce. A sort of propagandist metaphor for social and political unrest.

Oh, please, please, pleeeeeease explain! This should be rich.


Homosexual and heterosexual biological is nonsense. Speculative, irrelevant, conjecture, stupid.


I don't know that we are born atheist. But it doesn't matter.

How could you love the religious lifestyle?

Nobody walks around thinking about religion.

It's a destructive meme. Look at you. Look at me.

It was a simple question. What is atheism without theism.

The answer is noting more.

Nobody walks around thinking about religion.

Umm, the pope?

It was a simple question. What is atheism without theism.

The answer is noting more.

This I actually somewhat agree with. But, without any defined religion, we would still not believe in it, thus we would still be the same atheists we are, just without the need to use the word. To go back to the teapot, we are also ateapotists, but since there is no need to defend that stance, there is no need for the word.

Excellent! Unseen. Thank you. I appreciate your honest reflection in the light of the rest of the shit.

I am not sure how to answer your obvious question. I'm gay. And that lifestyle I hate, love, reject, I don't think the atheist "lifestyle" is really any different than the theistic.

Excellent question, man. Much better than the rest.

IPA verb? India Pale Ale is a noun.

Don't you agree, that when one posts, one should TRY as far as possible to use words, expressions, and acronyms or abbreviations which are common coin and shouldn't send the reader on a googlequest? Communications works best when we are using a common set of expressions and not jargon understood by The Few.

I was not criticizing you, but if you took it that way, maybe I should have!


Try an Urban Dictionary quest.

You have been dared.

Oh, yes, Unseen, so that we can grasp a handle on the toilet. And flush it less we give it a thought. Like monk sign language.


We got it all figured out now.

"lest" not "less."

@ Unseen I thought the exact same thing.


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