Fundies are often easier to deal with then "moderate-conservative" Christians.

One major problem I have with them is that they ignore the attrocities in the Old Testament and

they will readily and eagarly tell me why.


"Well, sure, there were a lot of bad things mentioned in the Old Testament, but that was because the people didn't understand the word of God correctly. That's why Jesus came, to correct us. He came to teach us that God is about love."


Okay, so I'm still stumbling a bit to answer this, and as you may well know, if you stumble at all... theists call "victory."



Thank you

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That is very true. This may be one of the few verses I like [besides #3]. However, I was referring to the tendency by theists to use "God of the Gaps." - i.e. I don't know why it happened so I'll create knowledge by saying "God did it." You fill in Gaps in your knowledge with God, thereby not allowing yourself to be humble and admit the truth that you really don't know and that making up knowledge without basis doesn't fill the gap, not really.
Oh yeah. So we have to constantly be re-writing the Bible for a changing audience. How convenient. Doesn't that tell people that the Bible was "written" in the first place, as in by the hands of people? So much for the clear and inerrant and non-changing word of God. LOL!

You can make an abhorrent passage sound sweet by writing it in a flowery and modern language, but that still doesn't change the context that it's abhorrent.
It was written in Greek and Hebrew to understand what it says you should learn Greek and Hebrew or it should be translated into modern English Your jumping to conclusions. I think this logical fallacy is called hasty generalizations
'Davy, you're out of your element!' To paraphrase one of my favorite movies...
Mr. O'Connell, I've heard this argument from you so often, it's ridiculous. Seriously, first you tell us we need a brand spankin new copy of the bible to understand it correctly, and now you're telling us to learn Greek and Hebrew so we can understand the originals? Sir, until you can prove that you either know Greek OR Hebrew, I can no longer take this argument, nor you, seriously (I am NOT talking about copying and pasting a few quotes and translations from google, either. I'd like to see some kind of certification.). Dude, maybe you should think of going back to the Christian site you crawled out from under, and learning how to debate your faith somewhat logically. Honestly, bud, trying to talk to you feels like we're attempting to explain The Random Number Matrix Theory to a 6yr old. I'm sorry if I come across as a dick, I'm just trying to let you know of some of your flaws, so you can learn from them and grow...
By the way, Leo, this doesn't pertain to you. You seem pretty well versed, and I actually would like to hear more from you.
It seems that Atheists must read the original Greek to understand the Bible but apparently it's enough for a christian to not even bother with the English version and just passively listen to a preacher once a week (or less often).
I think around 90% of Christians don't even know what's in the Bible. The other 10% can be divided into the camp of "It's all a metaphor" and the camp of "I love the atrocities".
I vote for that!
I am sorry if I gave that impression. I read the New American Standard Bible because that is the most literal and readable translation of the Bible. That is what I go to unless a debate on the original meanings of the Greek and Hebrew come up in which case I go to Strong's Hebrew or Strong's Greek dictionary.

BTW if a Christian is not reading their Bible then I would quote this at them
Matt 7:21
"Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter."
See, now was that so hard, sir? You were clear, concise, and to the point. You just went up a few notches in my book.
Actually David, I met one who didn't know what Noah's Arc was. So, many christians are EXTREMELY ignorant about the bible. If I was a christians, I would consider it an embarrassment that heathens [atheists] know more about the bible than most christians.
debate your faith somewhat logically.

When I quote translations of words I take them from a bible software called e-sword which has a free Strongs Greek New Testament that I go to if I see any translational errors in the New Testament. Likewise it also has a Hebrew Old Testament with every possible translation of Hebrew Words. This is one of the most credible biblical language source so I suspect you wont be rejecting it. If you want to download it you can do so here As for me expecting a more modern translation of an ancient language, that just makes sense. We arent in the 1600s anymore I dont say thou to my friends and you to my teachers, I dont call donkeys asses. The language has changed dramatically in 400 years the archaic King James version is outdated but the original Greek and the original Hebrew still stand strong.


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