Webster's New World Dictionary's definition of Athiest -_-

This definition is so wrong, 

Webster's New World Dictionary®, Third College Edition it defines an (Atheist) as "a person who believes" that there is no God.

because, an Atheist is someone who does not believe in the existence of a god or gods... 

The poor definition in this dictionary, lead someone on another website make this claim ...

Good news.. There is hope for those who profess to be "Atheist" According to Webster's New World Dictionary®, Third College Edition it defines an (Atheist) as "a person who believes" that there is no God. Yet here we find another Webster's definition: a (Belief) is "a person who is of Faith", which is further defined by Webster's as "a (1) : belief and trust in and loyalty to God, (2) : "a belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion". Which would lead us to assume that professed (Atheist) IS in fact "a believer in GOD".. As for those of us that "believe" they are confused by these definitions then perhaps you could open your own dictionary, bible or mind.. However if this seems too daunting a task then we would invite you to simply ask Satan the old serpent, lucifer or any of his legions of demons who fear and know that GOD exists what "they" believe.. Any suggestions?

And my response was...

Well I myself call myself an Atheist, because I do not believe in a god or gods, because I understand that people have called components of the universe as such or even people in the universe and beyond as such, and neither do I have faith. Faith is the basis of accepting a statement, a theory, or the existence of something without question, analysis and evidence be it personal or collective. I personally don't agree with the dictionary's assumptions about me or other atheists , but the dictionary is jumping the gun and assuming what i know and don't know. I am not happy about that. Also to add, when people come up to me and claim "I believe in aliens" They are incorrect, because I claim I know and understand that extraterrestrials exist, because of personal experience analysed the evidence of others, including the mathematical and scientific calculations that do show a rough estimate on the possibility of life on other planets, which may include intelligent life on other planets, which may include the Drake Equation , which is continuously updated by science, and discovery, which makes my personal claim more valid as more things people discover.

Seriously its like I have been assumed on what I know and what I don't know... people who assume , just makes me cheesed off..

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Yes, this definition is not a good one. If you have a look at the thread on here "There is No God" you'll see how some other people define their own viewpoint.


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