I was researching an article, which linked me to another article, which harbored this delicious commentary from a Christian minister (as he called himself.)

"Atheists getting married is WORSE than gays marrying, since atheists can have babies and raise them to be more atheists. But gays can't make babies (at least not naturally) and thus their genes will mostly die out and we should eventually have less gays. Thus, I agree that we Christians should make our Christian U.S. government BAN atheists from getting married."

To quote a tv show:

Ain't that just cute?

(cookies if you remember what show that is)

Just thought I'd share so some of you could giggle.

You don't REALLY think our CHRISTIAN government would ban atheist marriage, would they?

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I recently posted this on face book:

Christian marriage should be banned. No Christian should have the right to marry or adopt children. It is a life choice. If they want these things all they have to do is stop being Christian and they can have everything normal people have.

It was met with a pretty seriously outraged response by all (Christians) who could not see the humor.
I can't understand why they think they can say something but others can not.
Why is their opinion more valid than that of others?
Yes I know, I should have been more specific and said All bigoted loud mouthed Christians.
Not as long as there are wars to be fought and people to die.
That's pretty fucked up to say the least! = (
I'm having trouble replying to people individually. When I click "Reply" under someone's post, it just refreshes the page. But YES, Two stupid dogs.
think its funnier that offensive honestly. Atheism is meme it cant die out, at least not fundamentally. Religion can change all it wants, atheism will always be there.
Here I am, an 84 year old Atheist, withe 3 kids. Not one god-damned Atheist. But i have tried = gently - to have them be at least freethinkers. One total failure, two are tolerant, of me at least. :-)
I would be so sad to have raised religious kids. Not saying this as an insult to you. I do see it as exemplary of tolerance teaching: that when we teach tolerance, in the end, the winner is the faction that pushes the hardest, which usually means religiosity.
Yeaa I am kind of on the fence with the general idea of marriage.

I am not sure if I will ever get married, but if I do it will definitely be out of the norm and will have NOTHING religious related!
Clearly Christian parents ALWAYS haw Christian children.
I fundamentally disagree with the modern concept of marriage of two individuals, so I say ban it for all !

The only contract that should exist is parental contracts.
This makes me want to have twins, and give one to an interracial lesbian couple, and one to an interracial homosexual couple. lmao


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