I was researching an article, which linked me to another article, which harbored this delicious commentary from a Christian minister (as he called himself.)

"Atheists getting married is WORSE than gays marrying, since atheists can have babies and raise them to be more atheists. But gays can't make babies (at least not naturally) and thus their genes will mostly die out and we should eventually have less gays. Thus, I agree that we Christians should make our Christian U.S. government BAN atheists from getting married."

To quote a tv show:

Ain't that just cute?

(cookies if you remember what show that is)

Just thought I'd share so some of you could giggle.

You don't REALLY think our CHRISTIAN government would ban atheist marriage, would they?

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We should all have multiple spouses. Spread the Atheist gene quicker that way lol
good idea. Maybe I'll have some offspring after all. Make sure they have my atheist gene.
that's just delightful, i have a new purpose in life now, spread the genes
omgoodness......I have an atheist gene...and i passed it on to my kids!!!!!! pfffft!

But how many groups in the US do the christians and other theists want to oppress?

And logically an atheist could use the same argument against theist and the "theist gene"

this article goes to show just how utterly ignorant religion can do to people.
Wow... gotta love good 'ol christian acceptance.

Married Atheist here. We don't necessarily have plans for kids, but I must admit that I feel like raising some little 'heathens' when I hear crap like this. But in all seriousness, kids will probably be part of the plot when we're ready.
Wait, if gayness is passed on via genes then that means it is not a choice!

Moreover, if there were a simple gay gene, then how would one explain all the gay children of straights? Is it recessive? In that case, it wouldn't matter even if no gay person ever reproduced. Or are all those people with gay genes the offspring of closet cases?

And if atheists couldn't marry, then what makes him think we wouldn't have children out of wedlock?
its not genetic.. Thats just wishful thinking. It it were they could eliminate it.
Sexual preference is the result of circumstance and upbringing and every other event that happens in a persons life. Its time science focused on this to clear the point up once and for all. If this were not the case then how can the ancient Spartan society be explained?
I think that tv show quote was made by the one guy in the cartoon "two stupid dogs". now..that might not be the one you're thinking of, but I think i deserve at least half a cookie. lol

"I agree that we Christians should make our Christian U.S. government BAN atheists from getting married."

...this is just another case of the first amendment being ignored by people who claim are being oppressed, even though they are the majority.

oh and..I don't have an atheist gene...my parents were christian. not all children grow up with the same beliefs of their parents. not only that, but I am against indoctrination wither it's about Christianity, or not. explain that sir.
Luckily our government isn't and never has been Christian and it would never happen, because you can't ban marriage based on religion; it's discrimination of a different sort to Americans, stepping beyond the discrimination of a sexuality that has science arguing for and against it. That being said, the only route they would go is to make it civil unions like gays, which I don't think Atheists would have a problem with that, since all that does is remove the religious basis for it--- and we're not religious, so what do we care? We'd still call the spouse a husband or wife, wear a ring and say 'we're married', no matter the implications on paper. If they tried to outlaw unions for us in any form to prevent us from 'procreating', we'd just be having a lot of sex out of wedlock.

Hello, genocide!

Luckily this isn't post-modern Germany.
"Luckily this isn't post-modern Germany."

Maybe not yet.. But sooon.. soooon!
I raised my kids christian and they still became heathens...and I followed! Only goes to show the christian "gene" is dying out naturally.

And Yes, I think those bible thumpers would ban whatever they could get their grubby hands on because they have no idea how to practice what they preach.



Gimme my cookie. :)

...and I would suggest that atheists should REJECT marriage as an arcane and pointless tradition rooted in ancient superstitious nonsense. Love and commitment are great. Commit to love each other. Why do you need someone to officiate over that? ... and, perhaps more importantly, why does it need to be someone in a hospital gown?

If you're worried about legal and financial issues, form a legal partnership.

Just my $0.02, adjusted for inflation.


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