We seem to encourage prison rape as a justifiable punishment

So me and a friend had a discussion about prison and it occurred to me that prison rape seems to be, "A-OK!" or "Don't DROP THE SOAP!" Sure its funny as a laugh and as a joke but the reality of it is NOT funny!


If someone was to ever joke about raping a woman in order to "teach her a lesson", or to encourage it as part of her pennance for commiting a crime what do you think would happen?

Why the disconnect?


To recap, it is socially acceptable and funny that someone locked up is going to get raped.


What the fuck?



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I have to ask 'why the but'.  His video hits it right on the money, as far as I'm concerned.  That there are more men doing terrible things does not detract from the atrocities committed by terrible women.  Neither male rape nor emasculation should be subjects of humour.  I realize that many women doing terrible things may be retaliating, but an eye for an eye leads to a lot of blindness.  When the one woman said she didn't know the details, but still found humour in it, well, it made me sort of ill.  When another pointed out the horror of reversing the gender roles in their object of laughter would lead to gasps and her colleague replied, "but it's different" and the audience fired another round of laughter, I have to say I was disturbed.

Good video. He is right. 

I agree that he's mostly right, but on its own, it's perfect propoganda for bitter old "sexist bastards".  I think he should have done a Part 2 where he gives the other side - the reign of terror of men over women.  I presume that you and Heather take this as a given, along with all women.  Bitter old farts, however, don't see that side at all, and need to be reminded. 


Sophie - how did you get your words to go "red", in your original post?  I was about to look at the page source, but maybe more people would like to know how you did it. 

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Yep, the prison rape jokes always bothered me a bit. It is nice to know I am not the only one. I think it is terrible.

There are two issues here; perhaps more. I feel it necessary to address the callous humor of the disassociated minds that make jokes like this. People are often insensitive to experiences they T themselves have not known. We watch war on television and in our world one could look around and see that the other "humans" are rooting or bored. This creates guilt in the audience of a trial as well as those conducting it equally as guilty as the criminal on trial. The criminal is where the second issue lies, and it resembles the first like a shadow of that black wooden lawn sculpture of a man walking his dog. He also acts on self-centered thinking. He cares just as little for other people. However his blades of grass reside in his ability to act on it. He has become a danger to everyone around him and simply cannot be allowed around his sociopath kin. But how to punish him?

     Gandhi said "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind", but isn't it already? It's no question that our prison system is overflowing and creates monsters more dangerous than when they went in. We've created a whole new world where we've concentrated hatred and dubbed it correctional. I agree to the fullest extent that this is beyond wrong. The effect prison has on a persons mind magnifies their taste for viciousness and something should be done about it. What that is? I am in no place to say... in fact... my only idea on a very emotional level is to send them all to there own land mass, separate from the rest of us by our great oceans. This, historically has a mixed effect... for instance... we have Australia now. But we also have America with one of the highest crime ratings on the planet. War crimes among them. Evil exists all around us. And the way to deal with it is impossible to determine.   

Punishment and rehabilitation

@ Darrell Mont


As a former correctional officer here in Arkansas I must agree with your assessment of the public's view of prison rape being "a sort of legend meme." People in the freeworld (the term convicts use) really have little understanding of what goes on inside our prison walls. And I am not trying to be condescending by that statement. The subject of rape is taken very seriously by prison staff. If you don't take it seriously then there is a very good chance your ass will be going to court when an inmate decides to sue you. Convicts have legal access in prison and if a corrections officer screws up he can expect to, at a minimum, be called into the Warden's office to offer explanation as to why something happened on his watch.

  Sex in prison is a dirty affair. It goes on but like Darrell commented it is usually consensual. And normally it is a heterosexual male taking sexual services from a weaker homosexual male. In prison a certain percentage of heterosexual males will resort to homosexual sex during their incarceration. But they will tell you they are not gay. As to baby rapers/child molesters in prison they are not normally targeted for sex. Rarely so. Most of them will not even admit the crime. For good reason. Their kind are the most despised by other inmates. You have to remember that a large number of the prison population have children of their own.  So instead of getting bent over they are more apt to just get the shit beat out of them. 

Try this one on: Could you imagine yourself having sex with someone who you knew had AIDS? Happens all the time in prison. It seems male testosterone is a powerful motivator.


@ Kir

"First of all, you can't have rehabilitation and punishment rolled into one end goal. They are mutually exclusive."

I have to disagree. A prisoner serving his sentence is being punished every minute he resides within a prison's walls. If he so chooses he can make an attempt to rehabilitate himself during that time. Or he can choose to just vegetate and maybe pick up a few more tricks to use once he gets back to the "freeworld."


"There are supposedly 4 core purposes behind the American prison system:






Where did you derive this information?


"Just as we have an obligation to pay for the proper confinement of wild animals in zoos for public safety, we must bear the cost of separating dangerous criminals from the general population. It is a cost of civilization."


Should wild animals necessarily be confined? What crime did they commit other than existing? 

Would it be fair to expect convicts to pay reparations to society after serving their sentence?




From what? Where would the money come from with which they can pay even a token amount of reparations? Extortion of (close family members) of other, physically weaker inmates? (Like in paying "protection money" for them.)

And rehabilitation, well bleak picture there I suspect; how much of them once released actually are able to stay out?

@ Albert 


AFTER their release.... on the reparations question....


The recidivism rate is unfortunately very high. Highest among former convicted pedophiles. It seems committing that particular crime is hardly ever cured. Hence the programs for neighborhood alerts, etc.

Okay yeah after release.

But wouldn't that hinder re-assimilation into society? I would suspect most former convicts will not have an easy time getting a decently paid job right away and so such costs would press hard on setting up a new start, maybe might even make one look for easier money - maybe deceive oneself by pretending it to be only as a temporary relief - and perhaps contribute to an even higher rate of recidivism.

Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way, I'm just speculating as I don't know any figures.


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