Putting on my devil's advocate cloak...

I think that one thing holding the progress of blacks in America is the way their activists are always stirring the pot with regard to race. 

The biggest problem is no longer overt racism or even covert or unconscious racism. It's white guilt. White guilt makes whites reticent to associate with or hire or help black people. It make becoming friends more difficult. This is a far bigger problem than the Ku Klux Klan or people who think black folks are inferior or more likely to be crooked or violent.

Black folks need to learn that no white person today owns field slaves, even including folks descended from slave owners. Many folks, like my family, weren't even in the U.S. when slavery was practiced. We feel no responsibility for the aftereffects of slavery. We don't like the implication that it's our responsibility nonetheless.

It's time to get over it and let black people improve their lot so that when it finally happens THEY can claim the victory and not have to give half the credit to helpful white folks or black activists like Rev. Al Sharpton or Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Contrary to hopes and expectations, all of this talk of having a national discussion about race, if pursued, will actually make things worse, not better.

Blacks should just get busy becoming less threatening and less guilt-tripping. Time would be better spent working their way up the economic and educational ladder and rebuilding their family structure. Many of us are quite willing to help, but not based on some mythological guilt.

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Oh, come on. YOU need to treat this topic seriously and not reject it out of hand simply because it doesn't match up with your views. I grew up with black people. I live in an apartment building that's about 80% black occupancy. I have been listening and thinking about these things my entire adult life. 

The difference between you and me is an open mind. I'm willing to listen to and consider both sides of a topic, including views that aren't PC.

I suggest you read this article to hear views you may not have considered before.

Why do you assume you I have not already heard and considered points of view that I disagree with? You are not proposing radically new ideas here.

Perhaps everything you have said about living beside people of color is true. I still suggest you make a sincere effort to learn about race, if you are able.


This is America, so our educational ladder is in need of a few repairs. A few of the rungs are missing or broken, and you'll need to take out several very expensive loans to stand on the higher ones at the top, and those loans are going to be twice as expensive when the thing happens and it hits the fan.

the thing? tell me more, please.

I was sleep deprived when I wrote that and couldn't think of it. Congress basically allowed the legally allowed maximum interest rates on Student Loans to double. They could have done all kinds of things to avoid the whole fiasco. This congress has shown more hostility towards the President of the United States of America than any other congress and any other president, except maybe JFK, but that depends on which urban legends you hold stock in. The fact is we spend assloads of money on "defense" (which to me looks suspiciously like offense) and our social safety net is rotting away to tatters by one single congress. I don't care if you like the President, personally I think he's a lying twat, but he has done some very good things for the people of this country. He's also done some very bad things too, so I think it's like Chris Rock's proverbial "Uncle who paid your way through college, but molested you." Barack Obama isn't the greatest thing that ever happened to America, but he's far from the worst thing that ever happened *cough*georgewbush*cough*

Okay, my little rant is over now.

but you could have had Palin...


I would vote for him...he is a very smart guy.

Trust me, that was never gonna happen. And never will happen. She'll always manage to get into the news, but as dumb as Americans can be, there aren't enough Americans THAT dumb!

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.”    Albert Einstein

Albert had some great one liners, my favorite:

"Everyone is ignorant, just on different subjects."

I stop paying attention to the news for a couple of weeks and congress destroys my plans to go back to school!  What next, Universe, what!? This is a freaking nightmare. Time for plan g. (There is no plan g. I can only anticipate so much failure.)

Uncle Obama. I can't disagree. I figure you vote for the lesser of two evils--try to slow down our decline as much as possible with both parties on the take and kept on a short leash by the military-industrial complex.


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