We'll probably never colonize Mars or deep space - and here's why

The main reason is that Mars is a very unhealthy place, not just for humans but for all life. Forget the temperature extremes. The biggest problem with Mars for maintaining life is that it has almost no protection against radiation. It has no iron core like Earth and thus it does not have the magnetic field that protects humans from cosmic rays and solar mass ejections.

Read this article for more information.

Six feet of soil can shield against cosmic rays as can a few centimeters of water. Since hauling water to Mars hardly seems practical, unless an ample water supply is found on Mars, the "explorers" will have to be satisfied with living and exploring under the surface.

Also, the human body is so adapted to our level of gravity that almost absent gravity (as in the space station) damages bone density. In a large space craft that rotates, you can use centrifugal force to simulate gravity, but how do you do that on the surface of Mars? Not exactly a vacation and no place anyone would want to live for long.

Terraforming isn't practical unless there's a way to give the planet a magnetic field. Otherwise, the atmosphere will simply be lost to space.

What do you think?

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I agree completely.  The biggest hurdle we currently face is that economics have been entirely based on growth.  High production is not a measure of success - only expansion of production counts these days.

If we are to truly thrive as a species, I think we will need to adopt a very different mindset.  These days we specifically produce things just to throw away.  A sustainable civilization, I think, would need to produce things that are needed and that stand the test of time.

Agreed, for so many reasons.

If we were all to have the mindset of you boomers then it may be an issue.

However, who do you think minimalism is a major trend? Why are less and less getting a driver's license? Why is the Deep Ecology movement making headway (at least during normal economical conditions)? What about 'The Limits to Growth' or 'Sustainable Development'?

When you and your boomer ilk are fertilizing plants the subsequent generations will - much unlike the egocentric "you" - actually take responsibility for our impact and clean up the mess you left us.

Fewer and fewer Chinese people are driving you say?

Well, apparently license applications are way down in China. Probably India as well.


Straw man. It's amazing that being an intellectual cesspool doesn't concern you.

And when your facts don't bear out you break out the ad-homs.

RE: "NOT!!!"

Wow, a gem from antiquity! When was it that that expression went out of vogue, the 70's? 80's?

When was it that that expression went out of vogue

I can assure you it was still in use in school yards in the 90s and early 2000s

I have a large vocabulary. I often work out of vogue words into my speech and writing. Terms like "huzza," "daddy-o," "blotto," and "right on!"

In the schoolyards in the 90's? So THAT's where Unseen got it, while handing out candy, no doubt --

So, going from refusing to accept the fact that fewer and fewer are bothering to get a drivers license in the west to obfuscate by arguing that Indians and Chinese are getting them is currently not a dishonest way of debating. I will mark that in my book.

It's funny you find my characterization to be ad hom when I am clearly stating I am burning your straw man. Are you seriously taking offense on behalf of a fictional you made of straw?


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