Yes. Stupid.

Do I have your attention?


If you want to not be stupid you need to PAY ATTENTION!!!!!

We are in danger of extinction RIGHT NOW!!!

Please read:

Professor Brian Cox has warned 'human stupidity' is the biggest threat to civilisation.

The physicist, 46, said that the possibility of 'catastrophic climate change', 'crop disease caused by a loss of biodiversity' and 'asteroid impact' could wipe out mankind.  

And he believes there has been a lack of action from world leaders on tackling the threats.

'The biggest threat to civilisation is human stupidity,' he said. 'The problem with these points is that if you make them carelessly you end up sounding like Morrissey in his teenage years,' he told Radio Times magazine.

'They're so obvious that they become cliched positions to take, but actually they're not cliched positions.

'The more we consider our position in the wider universe, the more pressing these questions become.'

He added: 'When you think about these things, you end up with your head in your hands. Imagine an alien from another galaxy came and had a look at us.

'If there's just this one planet on which there's any meaning, how would you arrange your affairs? Would you really sit there and divide it up into lots of autonomous regions and spend a lot of money making sure they don't invade each other?

......Those of you who live in the U.S. (including me) We are the STUPIDEST!!! Lol

We consume the most, care the least and make the most excuses for our behavior. We are the fattest, sickest, most wasteful and whiny spoiled ass brats and WE probably deserve what we have coming to us if we continue to act like lunatics.

This discussion is the first of many that I will be posting on climate change and why it is going to kill us all. It is not a matter of if but when. The US and China are the worst as far as consumption.

This discussion is meant to be a rant to get you to start paying attention. This is not just an agenda for granola eating tree huggers anymore. This is the beginning of the end of life on earth as you know it.

If there are any Christians or Muslims or Mormons or whatever the fuck religion your deluded and sick mind believes in this is a message from your god that we are living in the end times, so stop being so ignorant and selfish and at least make an effort to get informed on these issues and if you choose to believe that it is gods will that we all perish then do us all a favor and go be with your god and your virgins and go in peace. You will make your contribution to mankind by giving us the gift of one less mouth to feed.

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Extinction became a reality for about half the Earth’s wildlife in just the last 40 years. Our existence is interwoven with theirs.

I fully understand your attitude and anger.  All we know is that we are here and it would be nice to continue to do so.

If there is some greater plan, then it must be given time to pan out.

But whether or not a god exists, if we are to survive we need peace, empathy, cooperation and sound husbandry of the environment. This may be called Charity. Charity is the User Manual of Life.

When a lot of guys are engaged in a bar room brawl, the quickest way of getting peace is to put a hooker on the table and show her boobs.

So we really need religion and science to come together in the interests of Charity. Of course both will say that is prostitution but if it brings peace, who cares?   It is not what you think but what you do.  My discussion group "Agnostic Apoplectics" is trying to steer both towards some common policy.

The GOP???

Not sure what you want to have discussed here, Belle. Is climate change a threat, is it real, are we (here in the US and around the world) not doing nearly enough? Yes, yes, and emphatically yes.  But ranting here in this forum is, I suspect, like preaching to the choir, an echo chamber if all we do is rant. So...what should we really be discussing here in terms of climate change?

I expect that the reason we 'do not change' is that we have a sale force that is hell-bent to keep the status-quo going at all costs. When the 'shit hits the fan' we will be so caught up with survival that we will be less likely to place heads on pikes, which will help the 'status-quo true believers' to hold onto their little spot of 'heaven'.... 

Being informed is a good start. But I want to ask you: Now what?

Homo sapiens has so far behaved like any other species we've observed: We've expanded our population to the maximum that our environment can support, and continue to expand as we manipulate our ecosystem to provide ever more room for expansion (food, materials, energy).

What I hear from the choir is to take steps to make this more efficient by reducing the per capita use of resources. Poor, uninformed people use the least per capita already, ironically. But informed people who use resources more efficiently (albeit exponentially more resources than poor, uninformed people, typically) in the name of "saving the world" are at the same time just making room for more people to exploit fewer resources, which the population will do: It will grow to use available resources if not held in check by disease, predation, etc..

I used to be fully cynical on this point, however, during my lifetime China effectively put a shallower curve on their population growth through autocratic policy and Western countries did improve the behavior of the average citizen in regards to things like recycling and water use. There is a glimmer of hope that some social changes enacted willingly may in some way either address or mitigate complete collapse. But it is only a glimmer. Nonetheless, the alternative is just passive acceptance of doom. As highly unrealistic as many environmentalist calls-to-action are, without increasing action on this vector, however erratic and oft-misguided, we'll all just pile in the handbasket postmarked "hell".

The major hurdle is that the size of the changes required are far larger than anything a society has thus-far shown itself willing to make of it's own volition. It may be that a series of willing changes can "add up" to get us past the breaking point without collapse, but that seems like monkeys at typewriters to me.

Definitely the first step is reducing population we need a strict one child per couple policy world wide until the country reaches a sustainable population then hold at two per couple unfortunately the religious tend to consider procreation a god given right.

Right, but the question then is: How do we get from here to there? How do we get an entire nation or civilization bogged down by bureaucracy and infighting to adopt a radical change that has almost no short-term individualized benefits for anyone?

I do think we can do's just

I have no clue atleast with a government system so corrupt.
Think the first step would be getting the christians to accept the plan. That means the republicans try as they might to claim they are not just an arm of the christian faith no one buys it not even other christians.
The republicans oppose anything that threatens the rights of christians and are well funded since christians have been brainwashed into believing giving the church money is gods will like god could give a shit about money.
They are poor but give money to a church that has more money than most small countries its crazy. The reason i brought it up is the churches use the money to get republicans elected. So the idea that republicans are not an arm of the church is nuts.
So if we dont convince the church the republicans will oppose any plan.
They proved that by stating when obama was elected they would oppose everything he tried and that they did.
So how do we convince the christians that god does not want them to destroy the world through overcrowding.


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