I wanted to get everyones perspective on the Christian mentality of "We are all born sinners". Obviously this is not a sentiment I agree with. 

The only argument I have yet to hear from a Christian is "it just means we are not born perfect". Despite the fact that very few Christians define sin as "imperfect" 

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Here in Poland most Catholics will also tell you that the 'Adam and Eve' story is a metaphor and not a real event, as many Christians in the US believe. I guess the talking snake was just too much for them to swallow here. So, god sent his son to be tortured to forgive us for a metaphorical sin which didn't actually happen?

Hi Keith, It is one of the ways that xianity cultivates the slave mentality within the flock. If you hear from an early age that you are a sinner you will grow up believing that you are unworthy and in need of redemption. Once you are trained to “kneel” it does not take much to “roll over” and surrender to the delusion of a god creator that will make you immortal. No thanks, we won’t drink from that cup.  

Great point Reg

Fortunately most of my sins are fairly unoriginal.

"We are all born sinners" is a meaningless phrase. Sin doesn't exist so we can't be born sinners. Nor can we be born multi-coloured unicorn midgets. Nor can we be born planet sized octopus queens. A far more interesting question than "are we born sinners" is...could there be planet sized octopus queens in some other galaxy or universe?

"....all men are implicated in Adam's sin, as all are implicated in Christ's justice"

Which explains why the raped choir boy is the same guilty state as the priest rapist. You see, the rapist priest is "connected" to the choir boy is ways only god understands.

It is almost is a miracle how Catholicism performs non-surgical lobotomies on the flocks of sheep.

It's the Shirky Principle: "Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution."

How can I sell you a remedy if you aren't convinced that you're sick?

Exactly. They do the same to the LGBT, trying to make them feel that they have a sickness.

I wonder how many classes of 'solutions' will not generate the need for additional patches?

The first one might be 'death', sadly this does not seem very helpful...

The video is my response.  I also like the poster of a small child saying

"I ain't broken 'cause some lady liked apples."

I wanted to get everyones perspective on the Christian mentality of "We are all born sinners". Obviously this is not a sentiment I agree with.

I think this is a colloquial expression primarily rather than a doctrinal one.  "Born" in this context is metaphorical rather than literal.

Sin in some fundamental ways is just the manifestation of selfishness.  The seven "deadly sins" like Pride, Lust, Greed, etc. are all just manifestations of self-centeredness. 

So to say that we are all born sinners is a colloquial way of saying that we all have or are exposed to attitudes of selfishness which we have to overcome, rather than into a more perfect sense of communion/community.   We all blow it sometimes.

I suppose that's related to the notions of original sin, which would perhaps be the theological background for the colloquial expression.  That just says that the reason we blow it sometimes is that we inherit the attitudes of our parents and culture, who in turn inherited self-centered or limited attitudes from their parents and culture, etc.   One need only look at the Sunni/Shiite conflict that goes back 1400 years to know how persistent and hard to overcome the sins of our fathers really are.

Thank you, Gallup, for going to the source.

I briefly considered asking Bob if he had checked his view with Rome, and adding that if he had not he was probably committing the sin of pride.


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