Apparently the WBC may be at it again:

I am afraid if the WBC does try to picket, they will get more than they bargained for.  I think it's safe to say that Bostonians will just plain not allow it.  I like to think Bostonians will respond peacefully, with strength and solidarity.  After all, however, this is Boston.  (I live just over an hour outside of Boston).  This area is much more diverse since that April morning in 1775, but there is still a spirit of cohesion in the face of a common enemy.  People here are incredibly angry and ready to protect anyone else from being hurt.  
What I can tell you is that I want to be there if the WBC assholes are going.  I am not even from Boston, but I so completely detest the thought of any grieving family member having to ever see their hateful signs, I would be happy to stand in front of them myself.  Bastards.  I'm in tears just thinking about the collective wounded in Boston having to deal with the WBC.  Not HERE.  
If I feel this way, imagine how every Boston police officer feels at not having been able to protect that 8 year old boy who died, the two others who died, and the almost 200 injured people.  I imagine the Patriot Guard will be ready to make sure nobody has to deal with the WBC's vileness.  Still, there is the 1st amendment and the WBC has the right to protest.  As much as I hope no more violence happens, they should be afraid for their safety if they go ahead with it.

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If the WBC shows up on this, they are even more stupid than I think they are.

The WBC makes its money suing people that take a swing at them, or for that matter even say something actionable about them.

I do double-dog dare them to picket the funeral of an Army or Marine sniper though.  I would bet his buddies would be pissed.

That would be fun to see.... something like the shooter on the knoll....

There's stuff out there that will kill at 2000+ yards in the hands of a good sniper.  (A mile is 1760 yards, and a kilometer is 1093+ yards.) 

I really wouldn't want to piss these guys off calling their fallen comrade deserving of going to hell just because god hates fags.  But hey if WBC wants to try it I won't stand in their way.

I should rephrase this, it takes a superlative sniper (not a "merely" good one) for these sorts of ranges.  But half a mile (880 yards) is readily doable and a quarter mile is child's play.  (Note that the top records are all held by Limeys and Canucks, you have to get down to 4th place to get a Yank.)

Like I said I won't stand in WBC's way and I certainly wouldn't want to be between them and the righteously pissed-off sniper.

Never piss off a sniper - ya gotta sleep sometime --

Words to live by

Not being american I am a little unclear as to what the WBC are. They have the monicker of " church" and certainly behave in way consistent with a great many churches over time and around the world however, they also seem to have something else going on so perhaps folks here can clarify for me. My bet is that it is one of the list below:
1. Mercury poisoning.
2. Aluminium poisoning.
3. Very limited gene pool breeding resulting in an excess of the green scummy stuff one tends to get at the shallow end.
4. Snake venom - I gather some churches like their members (no pun intended) to get bitten until hallucination or sepsis sets in.
5. WBC was in fact formerly an asylum for the insane but odd Us zoning laws led to it being called a church.
6. Prescription drug abuse on an epic scale, frankly I have never seen street drugs screw anyone up that badly !
7. They all simply hate themselves and so also hate everyone else.

One other question. Has anyone else noticed that the WBC seem to go quiet during the production cycles for "The Hills Have Eyes" movies ?

Ideas anyone ?
Nina van der Roos.

Maybe they're all true!  I can't imagine what has gone on in the lives of these people to make this ok.  I guess I can imagine indoctrination and brainwashing of younger/newer members, but how did it get started, I wonder?  What disturbs a mind so much?

I know they bother me so much because they are successful at what they do.  They breed anger, hatred, and more awareness of themselves and their vitriolic messages.  Turning the other cheek to these cretins, and depriving them of the attention they seek, is so very difficult.

Uusually when I mention Westboro Baptist Church I will say "Westboro Baptist Church ("God hates fags")" or something like that; it instantly reminds people that these are the clowns who picket army funerals.  Their website is "godhatesfags"  dot com (I refuse to create a link to it and bump up their numbers) so they won't mind the monicker, not that I care what they mind or don't mind.

When I heard they were coming to the reason rally, I realized that Topeka, Kansastan was on my route to the rally (I took a road trip) and I had mental images of passing a van with "Westboro Baptist Church" painted on the side and me getting in front of them and opening my sunroof and waving HI to them with one finger.  Didn't happen though.

If I were going to be the subject of a lawsuit by the WBC, believe me I would get a lot of satisfaction before hand.

Wow... harsh words about Bostonians. I would think that any way they respond to someone spreading hate at a time like this would be appropriate. I have never been to Boston, but I'm Irish so I know how Irishmen can be. I think if WBC does attempt to picket, they will be met with anger and resistance like never before. First amendment rights or not, the people of Boston are in a very touchy state right now.... I'd like to think that there would be a peaceful resolution, but I can't say how I would honestly react to something like that after one of my loved ones were murdered...


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