Tonight at 7 pm EST, Bill Nye the Science Guy and Ken Ham, leader of the Creation Museum, face-off in a much-anticipated debate at the Creation Museum in Kentucky, USA. The debate can be watched live below and discussed live in TA's main chatroom.

If you start watching after 7:00 PM EST but while the debate is still live, you can drag the progress bar to the beginning and watch from there. If you start after 9:30 PM EST, the live debate is over, and you will be watching the recorded version of the program. 

Debate Format

7:00 Welcome by moderator, Tom Foreman, CNN
7:05 Opening statements by debater #1
7:10 Opening statements by debater #2
7:15 Moderator comments
7:16 Presentation by debater #1
7:45 Moderator comments
7:50 Presentation by debater #2
8:20 Moderator gives rebuttal instructions
8:25 Rebuttal for debater #1
8:30 Rebuttal for debater #2
8:35 Counter-rebuttal for debater #1
8:40 Counter-rebuttal for debater #2
8:45 Q&A instructions by moderator
8:48 Moderator reads pre-submitted questions alternating between debaters
9:28 Moderator concludes debate

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@Amanda Mrakovich:

"Spending time explaining the lack of support for the arc was important because people who are on the fence or at least questioning need to hear those kinds of things, otherwise they get answers like "god did it". IMHO."

Who did Bill Nye say couldn't build a wooden ship as large as Noah's Ark?

Answer: Mortal human shipwrights.

Who do believers think designed the Ark?

Answer: Immortal doG.

In the mind of someone who is on the fence Bill's argument supports the "doG did it" story better.  It proves to the fence sitter that doG had to do it, because Bill Nye has just shown that mere mortals couldn't build an Ark therefore "doG did it"

As J.T. Eberhard said it's about planting seeds in their minds which won't go away and continue day after day to grow and grow.

These seeds need to be planted in the fertile soil of the observable world that surrounds them each and every day.

Seed 1.)  Noah's Ark.

There is no evidence in the world today that Noah's Ark didn't exist.

Seed 2.)  World-wide Flood.

There is a vast amount of evidence in the world today accessible to the fence sitters that Noah's Flood didn't happen.

It makes more sense to plant seed number 2.

Arguing directly against specious claims is futile, instead argue for the reality the undermines the foundation of the claim.

(sorry for the length of the post.)

@Amanda Mrakovich:

(an aside, "Damn that's a big dog!!!")

Yes what you said makes sense.

The salient point to all of this is to speak to the fence-sitters in their vernacular, plant 'seeds of doubt' that are definable within their everyday existence.

Bill did a good job but not a great one, hopefully the accolades from the Bill fans will subside and intellectuals will be able to present some quality critiques.

One opportunity I saw that Bill do not take advantage of to undermine Ken's credibility was when Ken said: "...we don't know how many tree rings are formed each year...", BAM, BAM, BAM underbelly exposed Strike Bill Strike!!! 

But Bill missed it.

The number of tree rings formed each year is demonstrable to even someone with only a third-grade formal education.  Opportunity to plant a quality seed in a fertile mind missed.

Hitch was really good at taking advantage of these types of mistakes in his opponents flawed logic, I will miss him. :(


I wouldn't say that i watched it and of coarse ken was not to smart but i tend to still be on no ones side that was only one person....I need more time and more thinking more learning. I think many others on the fence may or may not feel the same but idk.

it could be just me...

This was the only debate i ever started being kinda mean on and laughing i couldn't help it.

I hate this ken guy he seems like a fool :/


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