Tonight at 7 pm EST, Bill Nye the Science Guy and Ken Ham, leader of the Creation Museum, face-off in a much-anticipated debate at the Creation Museum in Kentucky, USA. The debate can be watched live below and discussed live in TA's main chatroom.

If you start watching after 7:00 PM EST but while the debate is still live, you can drag the progress bar to the beginning and watch from there. If you start after 9:30 PM EST, the live debate is over, and you will be watching the recorded version of the program. 

Debate Format

7:00 Welcome by moderator, Tom Foreman, CNN
7:05 Opening statements by debater #1
7:10 Opening statements by debater #2
7:15 Moderator comments
7:16 Presentation by debater #1
7:45 Moderator comments
7:50 Presentation by debater #2
8:20 Moderator gives rebuttal instructions
8:25 Rebuttal for debater #1
8:30 Rebuttal for debater #2
8:35 Counter-rebuttal for debater #1
8:40 Counter-rebuttal for debater #2
8:45 Q&A instructions by moderator
8:48 Moderator reads pre-submitted questions alternating between debaters
9:28 Moderator concludes debate

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Bill Nye explains why he debated Ken Ham.

"[T]he Creation debate was a sensation. Between 500,000 and 600,000 people were watching live on YouTube. "Creation debate" was trending on Twitter — not just in the U.S., but worldwide. There hasn't been this much attention focused on a single discussion of evolution since the Scopes monkey trial." -Mashable 

Starts at 11am for anyone on the east coast of Australia. 10:30am for those in South Australia or Northern Territory.

Sounds like the perfect background noise while I work...

I think Ham got spanked.

What do you all think?

With a big, fat belt.

With the belt of the heavyweight champion: science.

Did you see his body language? If he weren't a lying fraud, I would almost feel sorry for him.

Yes, he had a chastened, almost apologetic quality at times. He sometimes sat with his hand pressed across his mouth (an indicator of deception) while waiting his turn to speak.

A few times Bill was like....."Hey Kentucky, would you like us to keep up with the rest of the world or not?"

Education in Kentucky doesn't seem to mind not keeping up. Kentucky ranks 40th out of the 50 U.S. states for educational policy and progress.

And globally the U.S doesn't rank very well on education.


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