While Paul Ryan isn't exactly a Sarah Palin clone, there is one salient comparison to be made: Many experts believe that John McCain made a huge error in choosing a running mate with more charisma than he had and who stole the spotlight from the top of the ticket.

Paul Ryan threatens to do that.

Ryan also promises to tell the American people the hard truth. That leaves two possibilities: 1) he's crazy or 2) he's lying.

Why do I say that? Two words: Walter Mondale. I believe it was during the Democratic convention in 1984 that Walter Mondale said that, if he was elected, he would raise taxes, but so would Ronald Reagan. The difference being that he (Mondale) was being honest about it and Reagan wasn't.

Many believe that that was a gaffe and it, more than anything, cost him the election.

Ever since then, politicians have found it difficult to speak plainly to the American people.

Maybe times have changed and the public wants to hear bad news, but I doubt it.

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