The title says it all, was Jesus the right choice? To give a little back ground Jesus was not the only Messiah during the firt century. There were many others claiming to be the child of God, so why was Jesus picked out of the hay stack?

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Lol what would be said? They do absolutely horrible things and recently I read an article about Frank Phelps's son who became an Atheist, he talked about how he was beaten severely as a kid. It was gruesome. The part that bothers me the most is protesting at soldier's funerals. I joined the military and they are currently flipping the bill for my university. It makes me sick to think that there will be someone at my funeral saying that it is good that I'm dead. Seriously bothers me.

I know how uncomfortable the Phelps family make people feel, I know what they do and they make me cringe too but, and you wont like what I have to say, but I admire them ...

I admire them because they are the only people who have the guts to live the bible by its word. They dont see that they have a choice, they believe it and they follow the rules. They dont physically harm anyone, they leave that up to God.

Atheists call the religious hypocrites for not following the commands in the bible. So here is a religious family who are not hypocrites and we still dont like them.

Do atheists want it all their way?

and I know that most of America agrees with them because they havent been shot and killed by a member of the public yet.

atheists and the religious offend each other equally.

I think they are a hoot ...

My 2 cents Worth ...

and most men of grandpa Phelps generation belted the crap out of their kids ...

No one has shot them yet because they aren't worth the bullet. If it was government sanctioned I would be out there planting explosives in their church. Obviously I'm not going to do that, but these people really make me angry.
Also I don't think it's that Atheists want religious people to live by the bible. It's that the bible is probably best if it was just thrown out all together.

because Jesus seemed like the cool hippy dude who was for the people
This is entertaining and informative :)


I love love love Penn & Teller

They are my favorite. I used to work at a magic store that Penn and Teller frequented, I met the guys once and they are really nice. I also saw their show in Vegas which was amazing. I highly recommend all material they put out as I'm sure you already know :)


Did you hear Teller speak?

Yupp :) funny story about that. One time Teller shoes up and said something to the manager and the manager goes "Oh my God he speaks!" And Teller walks right back out.



i am still having problems seeing all of the replies here so if i dont respond to something you or anyone else says ... apologies in advance.

I kind of dont like the way this thread system works ... all the back and forth really bugs me....


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