The title says it all, was Jesus the right choice? To give a little back ground Jesus was not the only Messiah during the firt century. There were many others claiming to be the child of God, so why was Jesus picked out of the hay stack?

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This is what you have to keep in mind about all of this stuff.

According to the bible, God doesnt make mistakes. Jesus is part of Gods plan.

We have the right Jesus.


That's a great point! I actually attend a Jesuit University (it's tough to be an Atheist around a bunch of religious people, as nice as they are). Anyway the point of that is I have to attend 3 theology classes, and in one I had a while ago it was explained to me that the bible sometimes has to be interpreted literally and sometimes it has to be interpreted allegorically so as it doesn't contradict itself. Which is code for this book is full of "BULLSHIT!"


I dont agree with that ... I believe that you have to take the bible for its word and hold believers to it. Because why would an all knowing powerful God leave so much to our interpretation ... Are the religious trying to tell us that God had trouble explaining himself?

For example: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall ... thats explicit, right.

 But hang on ... maybe it wasnt a wall maybe Humpty was really in a tree because no walls were built near Humpties house.

Humpty wasnt really an egg. I think that Humpty was a camel because look ... you can make out the word HUMP in his name...

Can you see what happens? ... Best to stick to the story.

I agree with you. However, many theologians are interpreting the bible allegorically sometimes and literally other times. They pick and choose what they want to take literally and allegorically. For example anytime in the Old Testament that God is wrathful, or something awful happens it must be interpreted allegorically. Like the verses:
2 Kings 8:12
Psalm 137:9
Exodus 35:2
And many many more.
Any time I tried to ask my teacher about this obvious flaw in logic I would never get an answer and was met with glares from classmates.

Okay, now I can explain. Jesus had the better PR people. 

The Spanish and the Portuguese spread Christianity pretty far and wide. I think you could make the claim that it boils down to Jesus had better PR people.

It's deja voodoo all over again.

Getting that MA.... MA...MA...MAX HEAD...HEAD...HEADROO..ROO...ROOM feeling?


He still has ... The christian marketing machine has got Jesuslove down pat ... They own it.  They have the $$$$. They have the power - they have God on their side.

Christian Ministries have got Hillsong started ... they have Planetshakers started. The youth attendance to those are massive.


a subject for another thread maybe.

That's a good point! I find it kind of worrying that these people have so much power over the beliefs of others. It scares me to think they they could all turn into the West Borough Baptist Church.


mmmmm .... Westboro Baptist Church .... My absolute favorites.

Really ...

They need their own thread started


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