The title says it all, was Jesus the right choice? To give a little back ground Jesus was not the only Messiah during the firt century. There were many others claiming to be the child of God, so why was Jesus picked out of the hay stack?

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Oh no. A lich is way more aware. They might be cursed into being an undead spirit or maybe they transformed themself. For power. In RPGs from the early 90's, they had the ability to drain health. And it was very aggravating.

No, Unseen.

Here is a great explanation I found before.

For the same reason Justin Bieber is a star.

Ellen DeGeneres?

As far as choices go...


Thats really interesting insight Thomas ....


There seems to be a big hole in my education. Who were these other Messiahs? Name a few names.



Brians Mother:

"There's no Brian here. There's a mess alright, but no Messiah ... Now go away!!!!"

Oh, yeah. I saw a movie about him once.

I understand Sam to mean that there may have been others claiming to be ...

Correct me if Im wrong Sam ...

There were quite a few, one man who is more common is Apollonius of Tyana, Moses of Crete was during the 5th century, Simon of Peraea, Arthrongs, Menahem ben Judah, you can google them and messiahs during the first century. Many of them led men into battle and fought for some Jewish sects and upon winning would claim they re the messiah. There are a lot of names, they aren't terribly common, I had to study this area pretty much on my own with a little help from my teachers.


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