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"It really makes me feel happy that there are so many questions during the Republican debates about the 'war on religion'. The questions and answers to these questions really go to show how courageous and organized the Atheists in this country and throughout the world have been. They are being heard. They are being responded too. We are getting more and more powerful every year and religion will eventually be separated from the state like it should be based off the constitution."

So, are the Republicans just using this as a means to speak about their religion and try to win brownie points with other religiously like minded people?  

Are they getting scared and defensive because us atheists are winning so many lawsuits and that we are gaining more public attention?

Do you think these debate questions show that we are being seen and heard?  

Also - When are questions from Atheists themselves going to show up?  I have yet to hear any - Just from religious people complaining about the 'war on religion'.  

Just a side note - We need to find a way to attend events and get our questions out there for the candidates even if they ignore them or respond with something bigoted!  

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The reason the religious right wingnuts hate and fear us is because:

We got Nukes! (Reason and Logic.)

They have bows and arrows. (Faith.)

I'm ready to push the big red button.

The assholes the GoP shit out for this election season wouldn't know the Bill Of Rights from a Denny's place mat. They only know how to pander to their "God-Fearing" fanbase and shift the blame from themselves to someone else. Everything about the GoP pisses me off, except for their willingness to defend our Right to Bear arms. Obama hasn't been great, but I'd rather have him in office than Santorum, Romney or Gingrich...too much religion in that group! WAY too much. I don't mind having a president who is religious, I really don't. What I DO mind is when they start letting that religion dictate how they should perform in their jobs.

The war on religion is so over blown. It's all part of a scare tactic to get the fundies excited enough to vote. They like to take people enforcing the very basic ideals of these United States and make it look like an un-American attack on faith to somehow expect the government to follow the rules. It just makes me want to scream when I hear someone talk about how the government should stay out of their lives and then turn around and support theocratic laws being forced on others. I suspect this push back and call to arms in a war against religion will only get worse as the number of people who believe  or practice drops in the U.S leaving the more extreme people feeling desperate.   


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