Below is the link to an article by the Liberty Institute, who now declares that there is a war on Easter by secular society.  I have heard the ridiculous uproar in the past about the supposed war on Christmas, which is just another false stick the Religious Right likes to sit on and rotate every year, however, this is just absurd.  Can't the religious right find something better to do like, I don't know, report on human rights violations in countries where actual persecution (not just of religion, but of the individual) exists?

War on Easter

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I got no problem with that!  A lot of people are redefining Easter just like they are Christmas, and it doesn't bother me in the slightest.  The only ones with their nose all pushed out of place is the wack-job Christian right who only want holidays to be how they define them - kind of like the whole definition of marriage thing.

War on easter?  I can't wait to bite the ears off my chocolate bunny!


My son told me this morning that he saw the Easter Bunny who, after sticking out his tongue and giving him a raspberry, said, "I can lay eggs and you can't, sucker!"  I love that kid!

This article is a tried and true formula:  Stoke the fears of the gullible, then ask for money.  *yawn*  Seems like you see this the same way I do.

With the little that I've read from you, Barry, it seems that you and I probably have a lot in common.  I spent nearly all my life as a Christian, but a few years ago I just couldn't stand to continue to associate myself with Christianity any longer.  At the same time, I couldn't bare to hear myself say I wasn't Christian.  Even today I continue to find most of Jesus' teachings appealing, but they are unrecognizable in Christianity.

I've settled the conflict for myself. I wish you the best on your journey. 


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