Below is the link to an article by the Liberty Institute, who now declares that there is a war on Easter by secular society.  I have heard the ridiculous uproar in the past about the supposed war on Christmas, which is just another false stick the Religious Right likes to sit on and rotate every year, however, this is just absurd.  Can't the religious right find something better to do like, I don't know, report on human rights violations in countries where actual persecution (not just of religion, but of the individual) exists?

War on Easter

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Wasn't Astarte the Bunny god of Fertility futility?

That I don't know.  I actually never bothered to look into until now, but here are two sources:

I am just oddly amused and yet disgusted at the link I came across originally from the Liberty Institute.  They are basically reporting false persecution  and the myth that the US government was always Christian in its founding.  I am a theist, and I know better.  In the US there is really no such thing as religious persecution unless it is of a minority religious view.  Hell, I would think Atheists are persecuted more in the US.

So when do the orgies commence? ;)

Yeah with a GILF like that I can believe it's about fertility and sex.

my son posted this on my facebook page

I hope you clicked "LIKE" :)

O Hell yes I had a good laugh at this 

@ Barry,

So are you a disenchanted theist? What is your particular flavor of religious belief if I may be so bold to ask? I am thinking it is definitely NOT christian, Assembly of God. haha 

Ed, it's a long story.  I think the best way to clarify or define my theism is a Q&A session because a lot has changed regarding my personal experiences and understanding.  To start, I am Christian, but I am not Christian; yet even so, I do not like that label and often thought of jettisoning it altogether.  I guess you could say I am a heretic of the Christian faith, because I do best to follow the teachings of Jesus (yes, I believe he existed) but I do not buy everything that the religion of his church is selling.

The best way I can concisely define my beliefs is what I put on my facebook page after I decided to break from Christianity (mainstream): It's simple but not easy.

You are welcome to ask, and don't worry, I am not interested in converting.  I already know your stance and won't challenge you position.  If anything, I would expect mine to be considering I am in your territory, so automatically I am suspect.  Besides, it would be a good intellectual exercise for me to be questioned and challenged.

Easter is great. Let's keep it alive! lol   I love Reeces Peanut Butter Easter Eggs. Kids love the Easter Egg hunt. That's good enough reason for me. Hell I'm over 50 years old and when I was a kid Easter meant having fun coloring eggs, having fun Easter Eggs Hunts, Easter baskets and lots of good candy. We never paid much attention to the religious part of it. I think a lot of today's families are the exact same way.


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