Vote Again for Think Atheist in the Awards We've made it into the top final 5!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                        check out the other categories as well, Haven't looked myself yet,but get voting!!!!!

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I voted again! Nexus is winning right now unfortunately. Vote vote vote! :)
I will but try to use another computer or phone as it may be aware of your repeats from the same IP address.
Thanks for the this point! yeah I agree with you.

Congrats!  And done! If you would also vote NAILED: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed At All for best atheist book of 2010, I'd sure appreciate it!

Thanks, all!

-David Fitzgerald

Voted, and thank you for the reminder.


I went on Nexus, and I don't like it. Am I the only one?
Nope, I don't like it much either.

I like T|A much better, but I have just joined Atheist Nexus too. I replied to one post and now I'm waiting to see how things will develop. But I don't have high expectations that A|N will even come close to being as awesome as Think Atheist.

The bit that irritates me is that it's exclusively for non-theists. I know it's the Internet and that it's a private site, but I don't like this mentality. I don't know if it's discrimination, but I hope T|A won't ever change its policy of letting people in regardless of their beliefs.

Why don't you like it? I have registered a few days ago and I haven't been active at all, so I can't say for sure, but it is exactly like Think Atheist, just a few colours, groups, categories changed. There are fewer photos (just 6) featured, so that's a plus for Think Atheist, although they do have more photos overall. We also have more videos uploaded. They have way more groups, much more members and more blogs. Both sites are on the Ning platform and are both communities for nontheists. What's really the difference between Think Atheist and Atheist Nexus? Can someone that has been active there for at least a few months answer this question? The only difference for me is that I found Think Atheist first, and I've only heard about Atheist Nexus over here.


Oh, yes, they do have one thing that irritates me: those awful ads. Thank God we don't see them over here. Also, I don't like that it is so bright, I like Think Atheist more when it comes to design and colours.

Personally, I like it more for aesthetic reasons. And, of course, because I'm loyal to T|A.
Those would be my reasons as well, and the main reason I'm going to stick with Think Atheist is because I have gotten to know some of the members and it is easier to talk to someone you're familiar with.


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