As virtual reality is veritably becoming reality we can expect that any experience we desire will eventually be available to us - for a fee, of course.  One day magnetic pulses might alter our brainwaves to allow us to perceive what we now cannot even imagine; formula 1 racing, walking down the catwalk with other world famous models, singing for a crowd of crazed fans, or soaring through the air as an eagle - might just be a few examples of standard packages.


Most significantly, the experience of dying a slow, painful death will be one better replaced with your own ultimate fantasy ending.  The computers will monitor your vital signs and adjust the virtual experience so your last living perception is timed perfectly to the scenario of your choice.  Perhaps you just want a perfect moment that ends suddenly with no indication of the end at all, or perhaps you want to die as a hero on a medieval battlefield.


If you could, what would YOU choose for your final experience?

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Ok, if the tech were available you could save up and ride a dragon for your annual vacation.  The idea is the perfect final experience.  I'm actually basing this on a Japanese movie I saw years ago but in that film they limited you to picking the perfect moment from your own life to 'freeze frame' for eternity.  I figured go for the gusto and imagine the perfect moment or the perfect ending.

Death in space, like Tommy Lee Jones's character in Space Cowboys. That'd be a nice way to go. Remember reading a story in the Illustrated Man about a group of people who die like that. Really interesting.

There are so many things I can think of. Being an avid day dreamer, who somehow managers to insert himself into every movie seen, book read I have had thought about how I would like to go many many times.

Its usually heroic.

Just think of any action movie where the hero dies in the end doing something heroic.


But really, I'd prefer they make technology that keeps me alive for ever, or for as long as I want to stay alive. There is a lot to see & learn in this universe.

When the time comes I'll deal with it, but I doubt very much I would opt for it if it were possible. This seems less suitable for a soylent green like scenario as it would be for keeping people distracted with things that don't matter much.

No thanks.


My brain contains everything i need when the time comes. I wouldn't exchange a moment of my time for a fantasy.


As real as this proposed world would be I don't think I would enjoy it as much knowing the end is nigh, however, some sort of suspended animation enduced at a selected point, with a lucid dream for an indefinate time. (yes this was inspired by some sci-fi particulerly "Vanilla Sky")

Smoking  the best cannabis from a giant bong while getting a BJ from two or more women- kinda like coming and going at the same time.

Hey it's my fantasy, and half of it comes true everyday. 

Gives a new meaning to "sucks the life right out of it."


Make my last five minutes feel like the most wonderful 500 years imaginable, and don't tell me when it's really going to end.

Aldous Huxley:

On his deathbed, unable to speak, Huxley made a written request to his wife Laura for "LSD, 100 µg, intramuscular". According to her account of his death[23] in This Timeless Moment, she obliged with an injection at 11:45 am and another a couple of hours later.


That's another option.

Or that, lol, yeah. I've never done it so a heavy dose would probably be fun, or incredibly scarey...hmmm..I mean I don't want a blue clown laughing at me telling me "you're dying haha" whilst he rides a unicyle and molestes a pinguin. That's a bad trip....


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