As virtual reality is veritably becoming reality we can expect that any experience we desire will eventually be available to us - for a fee, of course.  One day magnetic pulses might alter our brainwaves to allow us to perceive what we now cannot even imagine; formula 1 racing, walking down the catwalk with other world famous models, singing for a crowd of crazed fans, or soaring through the air as an eagle - might just be a few examples of standard packages.


Most significantly, the experience of dying a slow, painful death will be one better replaced with your own ultimate fantasy ending.  The computers will monitor your vital signs and adjust the virtual experience so your last living perception is timed perfectly to the scenario of your choice.  Perhaps you just want a perfect moment that ends suddenly with no indication of the end at all, or perhaps you want to die as a hero on a medieval battlefield.


If you could, what would YOU choose for your final experience?

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Walking freely with my dogs, on a beautiful tropical beach preserved just for us...... I guess I'll go with Hanauma Bay, in Hawaii. I've been there before. It was a little like heaven. But in my virtual death experience, there will be no leashes, no harnesses, just me and my happy dogs splashing and running through the waves. The sun is shinning. I would like for it to end without me knowing it is ending. Just boop.. gone forever.

Blasphemer! Kenny G with Louis Armstrong?!? You just posted the version of my own personal hell...

>=D If I had to chose, I would set it up like a video game.  I'm thinking Final Fantasy VII (with state of the art visuals of course).  The end would be first death, either with a Game Over screen or the End Title screen, either way it ends with the screen going black and fading away. So I go fighting or with victory, win win. ^^

This is how I want to go.

Damn!  Blocked in Canada.


Death by Snu Snu, that would be a nice way to go

A good way to go indeed. ^_^

Seriously though, I'd love to hitch a ride on the back of a whale shark or great white and ride it to the depths of the ocean. Choosing to wander the universe is fairly obvious, but I would rather die while exploring the deepest parts of the ocean while on the back of an animal that so little is known about. 

SOOOOO many ways to go with this.

Hmmmm,  a space walk? Or a walk on mars? I just have to feel zero gravity in some way. Maybe looking down on the earth from space? Ok, here it is....a table, floating out in space and sitting there would be me and perhaps Mark Twain, Malcom X and some other people I would love to speak with. We would talk, look at the Earth and then I guess we would drift further further away until be are just surrounded by other stars and then....fade to black.  Sigh.  That would be pretty cool.


Then again riding a dragon would be freakin awesome too!


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