As virtual reality is veritably becoming reality we can expect that any experience we desire will eventually be available to us - for a fee, of course.  One day magnetic pulses might alter our brainwaves to allow us to perceive what we now cannot even imagine; formula 1 racing, walking down the catwalk with other world famous models, singing for a crowd of crazed fans, or soaring through the air as an eagle - might just be a few examples of standard packages.


Most significantly, the experience of dying a slow, painful death will be one better replaced with your own ultimate fantasy ending.  The computers will monitor your vital signs and adjust the virtual experience so your last living perception is timed perfectly to the scenario of your choice.  Perhaps you just want a perfect moment that ends suddenly with no indication of the end at all, or perhaps you want to die as a hero on a medieval battlefield.


If you could, what would YOU choose for your final experience?

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To live in and experience, even for a brief time, a world where humans have finally left behind their legacy of savage and primitive divisiveness and destructiveness. A world in which a reverence for life, human and non-human alike, is virtually universal, and violence of any kind (except perhaps as a last resort) is seen as a relic of a barbaric past. A post-theistic world in which humanity has left behind all forms of superstitious and irrational world-views, and is collectively dedicated to balancing the existence of the individual and society. A world in which every individual is given the support, encouragement and opportunity to explore themselves, to discover who they are and where they belong in the greater scheme of things. 

Reply to Oneinfinity - so Imagine by John Lennon then?


that's my anthem :)

But but but but, he says no possessions! I like having possessions >./p>

While serenity and peace would be desirable such as watching a flower bloom or an eagle flying, I would say a series of battles (whether actual or political) in which I am fighting (and succeeding, of course) to bring justice and freedom to those that are oppressed. Nothing gets my inspirational juices going like a group of people fighting for rights, independence, or freedom. 

TTRMO Soylent Green...


(I haven't got the faintest idea what this particular abbreviation is supposed to mean.)

(Is it a twitterism?)


that totally reminds me of

   My greatest wish in life is to end it suddenly, unexpectedly, and painlessly.

total over-stimulation of all my pleasure centres

Ok, my 'final fantasy' is to experience a group of aliens invading earth.  They have come on a big interstellar craft, the last of their kind, searching for a home.  They have selected our planet and informed us that we will be allowed to co-exist with them as their slaves.  The people of the planet drop all their sectarian, national, ethnic, and cultural barriers and unite in a definite "no freakin' way, we live free or we die, A-holes!"


The aliens send down ships to do us in, and I find myself united with a group of friends from all stages of my life.  We go head to head with some alien ground troops, slaughtering them and taking their energy guns.  We then kill off a landing party and take their ship.  I figure out how to pilot the ship, and various friends take over the weapons and nav systems as we fly through a barrage of incoming hostiles, blowing the hell out of them in a fight that makes star wars look like a snow ball fight.


We finally manage to land on the mother ship, and run through the corridors killing them at every turn until we get to the bridge.  There are millions of them on board, too many to kill them all, so we hack the controls and decide to fly the ship into the moon.  I volunteer to pound into the moon as my friends escape.  As the moon is becoming huge on the main viewer, I receive a radio transmission that all invading forces are being slowly overwhelmed and that the destruction of the mother ship will ensure the future of a united humanity.


Finally, as a small moon crater fills the view screen, I actually see the Apollo 11 landing zone with LM base craft and all the left behind gear.  I grab the rail in front of me and scream, "Don't EVER fuck with humans, fucktards!" as the craft carries me and a few million aliens into the lunar surface at a hundred thousand miles per hour.


In the final instant as I am blown apart by the impact, memories of my entire life and all the friends that joined me in the fight flash through my mind, ending with the moment I walked out of Consumer's Distributing department store with my first computer - a timex sinclair 1000 - under my arm.

Hmmm, a very interesting topic indeed. It kind of makes me think that you would be put into a dream state....Maybe even a lucid dream state for the rest of your....time. I would like to be put into that lucid dream state right before I die. Therefore, I know I am "dead" and I am in a dream so I could control and wrap my dream world to my liking. For anyone who has had a lucid dream knows that this is a very cool concept haha.


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