As virtual reality is veritably becoming reality we can expect that any experience we desire will eventually be available to us - for a fee, of course.  One day magnetic pulses might alter our brainwaves to allow us to perceive what we now cannot even imagine; formula 1 racing, walking down the catwalk with other world famous models, singing for a crowd of crazed fans, or soaring through the air as an eagle - might just be a few examples of standard packages.


Most significantly, the experience of dying a slow, painful death will be one better replaced with your own ultimate fantasy ending.  The computers will monitor your vital signs and adjust the virtual experience so your last living perception is timed perfectly to the scenario of your choice.  Perhaps you just want a perfect moment that ends suddenly with no indication of the end at all, or perhaps you want to die as a hero on a medieval battlefield.


If you could, what would YOU choose for your final experience?

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Or that, lol, yeah. I've never done it so a heavy dose would probably be fun, or incredibly scarey...hmmm..I mean I don't want a blue clown laughing at me telling me "you're dying haha" whilst he rides a unicyle and molestes a pinguin. That's a bad trip....

To live in and experience, even for a brief time, a world where humans have finally left behind their legacy of savage and primitive divisiveness and destructiveness. A world in which a reverence for life, human and non-human alike, is virtually universal, and violence of any kind (except perhaps as a last resort) is seen as a relic of a barbaric past. A post-theistic world in which humanity has left behind all forms of superstitious and irrational world-views, and is collectively dedicated to balancing the existence of the individual and society. A world in which every individual is given the support, encouragement and opportunity to explore themselves, to discover who they are and where they belong in the greater scheme of things. 

Reply to Oneinfinity - so Imagine by John Lennon then?


that's my anthem :)

But but but but, he says no possessions! I like having possessions >./p>

While serenity and peace would be desirable such as watching a flower bloom or an eagle flying, I would say a series of battles (whether actual or political) in which I am fighting (and succeeding, of course) to bring justice and freedom to those that are oppressed. Nothing gets my inspirational juices going like a group of people fighting for rights, independence, or freedom. 

TTRMO Soylent Green...


(I haven't got the faintest idea what this particular abbreviation is supposed to mean.)

(Is it a twitterism?)


I looked through an internet slang webpage and it's not listed. My only guess is it's a mash-up of two separate slangs:


TTR: Time to relax

MO: Modus Operandi


I could be way wrong, but I don't know what the hell it means either.

that totally reminds me of

Yeah way off.

   My greatest wish in life is to end it suddenly, unexpectedly, and painlessly.


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