What are your views on pornography? In overall, is it immoral? Is it ok to watch it? Is the industry immoral? Is there something wrong in it?

Christians have given pornography a taboo from the Devil, are they wrong? How wrong?

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Can you go to a pet store and buy a pet?  Yep.  That makes it property, doesn't matter what people would argue, pets are property in the same way that pigs on the factory farm are property.

I have always found the whole 'animal cruelty' concept weird, the guy with the puppy mill raising his property under certain conditions is evil, but the owner of a factory farm raising chicken or pigs under similar (or worse) conditions is just a businessman.  I think the concept is called "turning a blind eye".

As a human (I can't speak for animals) I'd rather be beaten and ass fucked then killed, because after I get better I can go fuck a pig or have a nice pork dinner (or a vegan substitute).

The world is a funny place.

U: the cliche is "Consistency is the bugaboo of small minds"

The reality is, consistency is the bugaboo of small ambitions.

Property isn't just one thing. There are kinds and degrees of ownership. If you buy toothpaste, you own it pure and simple. If you buy a dog, there are laws about how to treat dogs, which means, in a way, that you are sharing ownership with the jurisdiction that passes the law. Similarly, when you own a condo, the condo comes with rules such that you can't use it just any old way you like. You probably can't paint it dayglo green or use your garage to do blacksmithing. 

We single out pets for different treatment for cultural reasons not logical ones. Love is involved when it comes to pets and love makes for a lot of illogical behavior. Technically, one's human offspring is no different from a calf or kitten, just a baby mammal. However strange it is, culture seems to be largely made up of logically unjustifiable choices.

Stephen, I understand how temptation is from the "Devil" and not from our own human instincts and desires. It's a long story; I'll make it short.

My first five years in hardball politics, which included knocking on hundreds of doors to ask people to vote for me in a primary election, persuaded me that:

1) it's dangerous to take freedom from people who want it, and

2) it's also dangerous, maybe more dangerous, to give freedom to people who don't want it.

When I first met people who didn't want freedom, I was puzzled. How could they not want it?

In time I realized that some people want leaders they can obey, or blame when the choices they make bring them consequences they don't like. Unable to bear the responsibility freedom requires, they blame others -- even an imaginary devil.

I understood. The Catholic schools my dad sent me to worked hard to make me obedient to authority. His and my mom's violence made me a rebel.

I've often wondered what would have happened if they hadn't used violence.

Would I have remained an unhappy Catholic? I shudder at the thought.

I've been researching this subject extensively since around the age 13, I'll get back to you with my findings in another 20-30 years. 

You must be exhausted.  Have a cookie and nap; repeat.  

20 to 30 years????

You'll be blind by then. :D

The earliest scribblings of man on cave walls included images of well-endowed women. In India, you'll find lingams all over the place. These are stylized erect penises. Pornography, in some form or other, is part of human culture.

I may be unique her at TA as someone who was actually part of the porn industry for about 15 years as a photographer. I worked in softcore and in a gray area in between hardcore and softcore by videoing women pleasuring themselves.

When people confront me over it, my response is "It's just masturbation material. Get over it." Strangely, when your primary role is that of making sure one gets good images, it's very unsexual. The models always appreciated working with a photographer/videographer who was businesslike and kept his hands to himself. I have many a model who will tell other models they can work with me without any worries about being molested. I'd still be doing it today except that unlike almost anywhere on the West Coast, the Cleveland area and the midwest in general are very sexually conservative. Finding models here is virtually impossible.

Now, being in the industry, it's interesting to hear or read things people think about porn. Examples:

These girls are all drug users! Actually, most of the girls are in far better shape than the average girl in their age group. Maybe they smoke some pot or use E occastionally, but other than that, no. It's pretty hard to hide heroin, cocaine, or meth use because of the behaviors that accompany them.

These girls are losers. Actually, about 80% of them are college coeds and are pretty bright. The rest, typically, have low-wage regular jobs and are supplementing their income. 

These girls are seduced, cajoled, or tricked into working in porn. Actually, 95% of the time models answered my ad. I was meticulous in not applying pressure or in misrepresenting anything. Often, I would bring up considerations they probably should have considered. 

In the end, they were all 18 or older, legal adults, wanting the work, and wanting to make that decision on their own without pressure or judgment. Given that they were set on wanting to do it, they might as well work with someone who would treat them with respect. Had I bowed out, for whatever reason, they would have worked with someone else and possibly someone who would mistreat them. And in fact I often heard from the girls that a job they got after the one I gave them turned rather unpleasant. 

Porn just fosters unrealistic body images of big boobs, small waists, and conventional standards of beauty. No, actually porn covers the gamut. Visual porn is generally for heterosexual men and so reflects male tastes. Conventional beauty is the norm, perhaps, but there are substantial sub-areas from BBW or obesity porn, to skinny girl porn, to nerd porn, to punk/goth porn, to hairy girl porn and on and on and on.

Strangely, a lot of porn is solo girls sans attire in provocative poses, when the media does a special on porn, they invariably leave the impression that it's all fuck-and-suck hardcore. Not only is softcore a popular subcategory, but there's BDSM where often no clothing is shed at all, or just a top. Then one has wardrobe porn. Garter belts and hose, high-heels, thigh highs, pantyhose, etc., while these often involve some nudity, the fans of that stuff couldn''t enjoy the nudity without the appropriate wardrobe. There is also situational porn: boss/secretary, schoolgirl/teacher, nurse/patient, masseuse/client, etc.

Porn is not about conventional beauty all that much. For that, look to Vogue and the fashion industry. BTW, the fashion industry sends a lot of girls who'd like to model to the porn industry. A girl can be hot as hell, but if she's only 5'6" tall, she won't have much of a career in fashion where a successful model is generally 5'10" to 6' tall. 

Now I feel left out. What do they say about guys? What about Ron Jeremy? Is he a drug using loser? Was he tricked into doing THOUSANDS of porn videos?

It bothers me how sexist the people against the sex industry are.

Oh...I thought there were going to be pictures...:(

News just in that the Prime Minister of the UK is going to try to get the service providers in the UK to default-block online pornography.  ha!  Good luck with that, David!

That's sure to bring him the youth vote in the next election, right?


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