What are your views on pornography? In overall, is it immoral? Is it ok to watch it? Is the industry immoral? Is there something wrong in it?

Christians have given pornography a taboo from the Devil, are they wrong? How wrong?

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I would have to say that Consent is a rule of thumb, after you get past the legalities such as age and what not.

People like sex. Some people like sex so much that they decide that they can make a living doing it. Prostitution is illegal (though personally i believe if it were properly regulated and organized it could be a very safe and lucrative, if not entirely respectable socially, industry) So they turn to the pornography industry. You get paid to do what you love on camera, so millions of other people can love what you do with you.

Is it addictive? If you have an addictive personality, then chewing bubble gum is addictive. Identify the problem before treating it.

Is it Moral? Consent is the rule of thumb. If everyone involved consents, then there is nothing wrong.

Is it okay to watch? Yes, that's why they make it, just be sure to practice safe browsing habits, and if you're computer illiterate, the do a quick Google search on deleting your history first.

Are Christians wrong to make it a taboo? It depends. Is it wrong for Christians to treat it as taboo themselves? No. They can do what they like with their own free will.

Is it wrong for them to force people of other beliefs to conform to their idea of the world, Absolutely. The most vile thing you can do to someone is to attempt to control their lives. By taking their rights, or indoctrinating them as children, or enslaving them (something that still happens in parts of the world) This is the most heinous act I can imagine. To attempt to own even a small piece of another human being.

No, it's not immoral.  In fact, I would argue, like anything else, it's actually healthy in doses.  Pornography, despite what some feminists say, does not promote rape, violence, or denigration of women.  It's fantasy, escape, and augmentation of your sexual curiosity put onto a screen.  There are endless niches and "fetishes" for people to explore.  There's no hard data to show a link between the average pornographic viewer and "deviancy."  If anything, the porn stars suffer far worse --- if we're talking about affects: relationship problems, money problems, drugs problems, etc.  But if you've watched any documentary or read any articles or interviews with porn stars, they act like it's any other business.  Taboo is the only thing that actually makes it profitable.  I'm sure Steve Hirsch (founder of VIVID VIDEO) gets down on this knees every night and thanks the Religious Right of this country for stigmatizing pornography and sex to the point that they do; he's made tens of millions of dollars off of Puritanical rantings about morality and social mores (just like Wild West saloon owners made millions off of "vice" business: prostitution, gambling, drinking, etc.)

No one is forcing people to watch pornography.  No one is forcing people to be in pornography (within relative circumstance --- lack of money, narcissism, etc).  

I don't understand how temptation is from the "Devil" and not our own human instincts and desires?  There are certainly societal boundaries to what is and what is not acceptable --- child pornography, bestiality, etc. --- but there's FAR more harm in denying human nature and human sexual interest and curiosity.  I would argue that pornography has helped to de-stigmatize a lot of people's preconceived notions of what is "dirty" and "immoral."  

For Christians, my suggestions would be to READ about pornographic subculture and possibly WATCH a view pornos.  What is the point of identifying and imbuing something as automatically bad, prima facie? This is why the Muslims regard pork as something more than just a dead pig, instead of realizing it's just another animal with zero significance; they've completely left it unexamined and have just taken it as fact.  

If the Devil truly had it out for you, I think he could've thought of something a little more clever than "Deep Throat" or "Debbie Does Dallas."  Temptation is a sub-economy of the entire religious racket: "How to Think Pure Thoughts," "How to Not Be Gay," "How to Live the Clean Life," etc.    

That being said, watch it/don't watch it.  I could care less.  But don't tell others it's "bad" just "because the Devil" blah blah blah.  




Fantastic post, Stephen! 


What do you have against bestiality?

Unless of course you are a Vegan then it would sorta make sense.

If this human society is OK with killing and eating other species, then how can having sex with other species be worse?

Because it's natural for prey animals to be food for predators. What's natural about cross-species sex? (I expect some vegetarian/vegan propaganda over this, but that's nothing new.)

At the same time, I suppose, if someone has sex with a horse and does no harm to the horse, it's probably neither here nor there to the horse.

Sex with cats and chickens is another story entirely. 

Haha, that reminds me of Ralph T. who in a drunken state (the state he was normally in) once tried to fuck a cat, he found out that cats don't like to be fucked.  He also learned about the amount of pain they can inflict with those claws and teeth. Hahaha poor Ralph.

BTW Unseen you have side-stepped the issue of the pornographic value of viewing imagery of bestiality for those who enjoy such imagery.

When I just searched for "bestiality images" I didn't see a lot of cat or chicken fuckers, mostly dogs, horses, sheep, goats and the like. 

I am also unconvinced by your argument "Because it's natural...", the truth seems to be that homosexuality and cross-species sex does occur thru-out the animal kingdom thereby confirming these are natural acts (fear of being banned restrains me from posting any pictures as evidence).

Besides pornography is about what titillates the sexual imagination and not about what is real in your own sexual life, isn't the true?

Well said. As long as one of the animals (humans included) aren't injured, then who cares. And Don't try to say that animals can't consent. I may not speak dog, but growling and snapping of teeth seems like a pretty clear NO to me.

Well, the typical reply at this point is that they are unable to give informed consent just like an underage child is incapable of informed consent.

There is a different legal status between an underage child and a four-legged beast.  The child is a citizen with established rights and the beast is property.  Whether you fuck your pig or slaughter your pig, the pig remains your property.

I think a lot of people would argue that when an animal becomes a pet it stops being property. We don't allow "owners" to mistreat their animals. Why? Because while they are not citizens under the law, they are not true property, or are a form of property with obligations attached to it. By contrast, a herd of cattle is s crop.

So cattle is a crop, I don't think having sex with a head of cabbage is illegal, correct me if that's not what you meant. I definitely don't think sex with animals at all is okay. I mean you can say it's natural and all but to a cow humans getting on a huge solid object that has flames coming out of it and then it taking off into the sky probably doesn't seem natural. I know everyone says Humans are animals but you and I and everyone else knows that there is a distinction between us and a cow, we have the ability to come up with morals and think in depth. And just as it's been said a cow can't completely confirm it's consent or any other animal although I suppose if it could by speaking one of the human languages then it'd be okay. That being said yes I think humans are going about it with the mind set "whether you fuck your pig or slaughter your pig" but everyone pretends they aren't because they are killing them "humanely" I'm a vegetarian and I can get all the nutrients I can in meat from plants. And I know the argument well, you'd probably kill a spider, but spider's are different than animals. They are named insects because they have a different brain, a less evolved brain, they can populate rapidly most insects only have a lifespan of a week anyway but a cow or other animals we kill and eat could have been getting closer to developing a larger brain, sure it may not be in our life time but it's not going to happen when we just continually slaughter them and keep them caged their whole life. To me it just seems savage to kill more advanced life forms and eat them? And if we are as equal as animals in the sense that what ever they do is natural therefore we can because we are animals, some kill and eat their own kind and that isn't allowed. I suppose if humans want to be on earth and live like animals killing them and eating them I just wish I could take some to a different livable planet and start a new population there and I don't have to see the killing and eating. >.< Sorry for posting all this on a thread about pornography, I don't see anything wrong with it what so ever, I don't exactly know if pornography is natural and yes there's nothing wrong with it but I can understand if someone might think it's strange. The industry as a whole with pornography and everything else is a little immoral in my opinion, so much time, effort, and resources being used and created and only a small portion is going towards the better good for humanity. So much could be done but it's just not as big of a concern as making sure they rich.

Yes, cattle is a crop because they are food for us just like, without us, they'd be food for wolves, bears, and cougars. Sorry if that doesn't sit well with you, but I'm sure you feel better after that moralistic diatribe.

We are omnivores. Get over it. You perceive us as inconsistent, "Consistency is the bugaboo of small minds." 

I love these little chats.


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