What are your views on pornography? In overall, is it immoral? Is it ok to watch it? Is the industry immoral? Is there something wrong in it?

Christians have given pornography a taboo from the Devil, are they wrong? How wrong?

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The difference, of course, is that the women in porn view themselves as workers and don't want to own or reclaim terms like "whore" or even "prostitute," which are included in the concept of "pornography" because, if they are having sex in front of camera, it is not for the benefit of their partner, which would be prostitution, or because they are out of control sexually, which would be whoring, but are engaged in gainful employment creating erotic images.

Your evidence?

This should be interesting.

The evidence is contained in the post. A prostitute has sex with the person paying their fee. A porn model or performer is paid to make a photo or video. Personally, I don't think either should be illegal, but there is a relevant distinction. The law tends to recognize the distinction as well by making prostitution illegal but protecting porn under the First Amendment.

@Tom - If I can shock 'em I will - I call me a Tart - and I happily state I am a Mistress. as I am not married - luv to see the look of shock/horror on their face, patronizing shites that they are :)

With JW's who come to the door, I know they have affairs, commit 'adultery', get divorced and have pedophilia in their ranks. Don't go all goody two shoes on me.

With one lot, the woman had open toed shoes with painted nails. I told her, that in another country, in another religion, she would be called a whore, she would be stoned to death. Wasn't she lucky she was born in Australia? That shut her up.

Thanks, Suzanne. One way, probably the best way, to disarm hypocrites is to look them in the eye and speak truth to them.

@Tom - Claim words - it takes their power away - the JW came to my door - if they are nice, so am I - I introduced my bloke as my partner, and got a blank look - they called him my husband - Oh, No, we are not married. That is when the shite hit the fan. You are living in sin etc... My, dear, don't ever think marriage protects you,from infidelity, adultery, being abandoned, or keeps your 'husband' on the straight and narrow.

Same with Gays here, they claim all the words that are thrown at them fags, poofs, etc. etc. Doesn't leave any room for for them to go:) Works for me.

Suzanne, I hope you invited the JWs to try living in sin and see how much more fun it is than living in religion.

If any were to visit me, I would spin a story about reclaiming the infidelity, abandonment and falling off the straight and narrow that so many famous religious folk are doing.

The word porn is here to stay - a bigger and more concerning problem is how porn has changed over the years. No longer is it corny movies, magazines etc. These days, apparently, I haven't personally seen any violent movies, but apparently, that is what is being made these days. And teenagers are watching these new porn movies - Violence against women, etc.

I only saw this on TV tonight, and how they are implementing programmes into high schools here and in the UK, (without showing porn movies), because a huge amount of teenagers are seeing this new stuff. The teenagers in mixed classes were asked 'How does this violent porn affect society".

It was teaching boys, that because of the violence portrayed, the boys thought that was what women 'Liked". They were being taught that is in fact, not right in any way shape or form. That straight porn actually teaches teenagers what sex is, takes the mystery out of sex, and how to treat women with respect. Naive is not good. Teenagers know a lot more, and have seen a lot more than their parents did at the same age.

There is no way to summarize porn the way you have. Yes, there is that kind of porn, but there is plenty of straight-ahead fuck-and-suck stuff as well as solo girl, solo boy, and gay porn. BDSM is a significant part of the market, too, and BDSM concepts can overlap into the other kinds of porn such as when you find some spanking or tying-up in a straight sex scene.

There actually is a small rape or "forced" as it is called category. 

The thing is, does the porn choose the user or does the user choose the porn? And, are these boys so flipping stupid that they don't understand that the actress in these productions is a willing and paid employee of some porn producer? Speaking for myself, I don't watch that stuff because I don't find it sexually stimulating. If someone does choose to watch it, isn't it because they find it exciting to start with?

On the theory that this sort of porn causes boys to have certain attitudes, how many times do you suppose they have to see it before they finally say to themselves, "You know, I guess I really like this shit"?

Porn doesn't cause interests, it appeals to them, which means the cause for this sort of attitude starts elsewhere.

@Tom - It is really interesting talking to JW's - that is where I get a lot of information from - how one woman and her three children were abandoned by her devoted christian husband, who went off with a catholic. And about the five controlling old men who write watchtower, and the amount of pedophilia in their ranks. Same old, same old.

They also disown a child if they leave the fold.


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