What are your views on pornography? In overall, is it immoral? Is it ok to watch it? Is the industry immoral? Is there something wrong in it?

Christians have given pornography a taboo from the Devil, are they wrong? How wrong?

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Can you go to a pet store and buy a pet?  Yep.  That makes it property, doesn't matter what people would argue, pets are property in the same way that pigs on the factory farm are property.

Paying for something neither automatically makes it property (buying a downloadable song, for example) nor does it mean that it comes with no restrictions on use (buying a condo, for example). Buying a pet subjects you to legal restrictions on use so, in a sense, the community becomes effectively a part owner. So, there are all kinds of property and simply owning something doesn't mean you can do anything you like with it.

I have always found the whole 'animal cruelty' concept weird, the guy with the puppy mill raising his property under certain conditions is evil, but the owner of a factory farm raising chicken or pigs under similar (or worse) conditions is just a businessman.  I think the concept is called "turning a blind eye".

A puppy mill owner is also a businessperson. Anyone who is cruel (=inflicting pain for the enjoyment of inflicting the pain itself) should not be around animals. 

As a human (I can't speak for animals) I'd rather be beaten and ass fucked then killed, because after I get better I can go fuck a pig or have a nice pork dinner (or a vegan substitute).

Do you know the difference between "than" and "then." Using the wrong one more or less upended the meaning I believe you intended.

The world is a funny place.

I'll give you that.

"Pornography" means "writings or images of whores." 

There are three types of descriptions: negative, neutral, and positive. The word "pornography" is a negative word for something that might also be called "erotica." While many people use the term merely because it's familiar, the word "erotica" describes the same thing without the negative overtones. 

Everybody here who is arguing that porn ain't so bad should start using "erotica" in place of "pornography," and they should be educating others to use this less inflammatory and prejudicial term as well. Let the Christians call it pornography.

Let the Christians call it pornography.

No, don't let them take the word away from us.

"...should start using "erotica" in place of "pornography,...."

U, what else are you willing to let xians take away from you?

"Pornography" is an inherently negative and prejudicial term. I'm willing to let it go.

U, you're telling us your age.

Here in SF, during the 1980s AIDS Terror, old gay men still feared being called fags or queers. Young gay men ("We're here, we're queer, get used to it!") reclaimed the words, took them back from the homophobes. Feminists, especailly pagans, reclaimed the word witch, took it back from xians.

But go ahead, give pornography to the puritans/censors. Again. About 25 years ago, we who were less fearful than our elders briefly spoke of erotica but reclaimed both pornography and porn.

But go ahead, give pornography to the puritans/censors. Again. About 25 years ago, we who were less fearful than our elders briefly spoke of erotica but reclaimed both pornography and porn.

I simply don't want to call the models and performers "whores." So, yes, I want give the word to the prudes and use a more descriptive term that most people won't view as judgmental.

What's wrong with whores...some of my best friends are whores.

By which you mean prostitutes? That is the sense of "whore" implied by the meaning of "pornography."

Unfortunately they don't allow prostitutes in my town so I stuck making friends with whores.

withThe Free Dictionary: Next to; alongside of: stood with the rabbi; sat with the family.

So don't call them whores.

Don't call them anything; refer to them as sex workers.

That's what I call them, which is why we need to get away from "pornography" (images of or writing about whores).



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