ok i dont know about you but i have been enjoying watching every one take the piss out on VFX on youtube and now he is gone... and if you missed his last video its too late now cause its gone. apparently today his parents received death threats!! so these videos cover the rest of the story... and i was trying to see if VFX allowed my comment on his latest video :( oh well i guess i will never know!


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At least his parents never shared his views. Maybe they'll get him the help he needs & has a speedy recovery from his delusions.
I'm not so sure how I feel about celebrating the fact that he and his family received death threats, if that's true.

Also, can we be certain that his parents were behind his account closure, rather than a hacker?
well since posting this there has been another account but it may just be a fan venomfangx1 but we do not know...

i had sent him a messages saying "I dont care what you believe sending death threats is not right, and the Muslims i know would never condone such an act. Would you show these letters on youtube with the important details of names and important information left out. I think all people who watch your channel would love to see them. now i believe in free speech even tho i don't agree with you, you still have the right to say what you want."

i was hoping for a response.... but his account is gone....
The odds of VFX telling the truth about the death threats is about the same as his telling the truth on anything. Minimal. He's pulled the 'I have to leave YouTube, I'm getting death threats from Muslims' shtick before, only to come back a week later as if nothing had happened, never mentioning them again. And considering that these 'death threats' came at a time when he was under heavy fire for his swindling ways, it's very likely that he made them up out of whole cloth as an attempt to distract people from his scam.
Seems he's not totally gone. He's convinced YouTube to re-activate his account, deleted all of his videos, and has logged in within the last 24 hours. So he's back, but keeping a low profile for now.


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