Veiled Threat of Violence on Anti-Atheist Billboard... Can You see it?

Check out this piece of work!
Did ya' see the veiled threat?
Any thoughts?

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Nothing really veiled about it.

As I recall, this is the same billboard company that took down the FFRF's billboard, claiming (falsely) that they didn't know what it was going to day.
what's ffrf? please excuse my ignorance. lol
FFRF - Freedom From Religion Foundation. They're the ones that have been putting up lots of atheist billboards around the country.
Wow. Just wow. So where were the atheists in the last civil war? Maybe the South was atheist! History's mysteries revealed...
LOL... I wish!
I love how they have tried to set up a logical argument here, with these three items being the premises and the conclusion of course.. being anti-god leads to civil war. Note that anti-god doesn't necessarily equate to atheist either.

Unfortunately for them, the argument fails because not one, not two, but all three premises are false. This country is based on a freedom of religion and separation of church and state. Anti-God is exactly as American as Pro-God or Pro-Zeus. Anti-American doesn't necessarily equate to treason, its perfectly conceivable that one could absolutely hate this country and still not be a traitor. Finally, since when do traitors lead to civil war? I could have sworn it was legitimately elected and completely loyal officials that did that.
"Note that anti-god doesn't necessarily equate to atheist either."
OMG [Figuragively speaking, lol]! This is EXACTLY what I have been trying to tell my theist family for YEARS! They don't seem to get it that most atheists are not "anti-god" so to speak... actually I've never met one that is. Afterall, how can you HATE A BEING THAT YOU DON'T BELIEVE EXISTS?! Also, I get accused alot of "hating christians." While I don't like organized religion, I have nothing against individual theists, as long as they leave me alone [which MOST of them do]. Although THERE ARE SOME ATHEISTS WHO DO HATE RELIGION. We, as atheists, recognize that being "atheists" has nothing to say whatsoever about how we view religion. While some of us are Anti-Theists [Those who think religion is best destroyed].... and I understand where they're coming from but disagree with them on friendly terms, there are also atheists I call "RELIGIOUS APOLOGISTS" [Those who sympathize with religious folk and think that 'some ppl may need religion for emotional reasons, even though I don't.' And thus they will respect theists that give them the proper respect.] and "RELIGIOUS NEUTRALS" [Which generally don't care about religion one way or another]. TOO OFTEN, Atheists are portrayed by theists as "RELIGION HATERS" when not all of us are!
In the Civil War, were there traitors? Who were they? Was it the north or the south? Because I'm pretty sure southerners thought their rights were being infringed on since the Bible clearly supports slavery; it was their "God given right" after all.

Not only that, but the "Right to bear arms" entails a right to a militia if American citizens feel their rights are being taken, and Conservatives hotly defend that right. One could, and should, consider a militia treasonous, but we have the right (and, sometimes, the responsibility) to revolt. So, they're really the ones being anti-American... because this country was founded on treason and rebellion. Uhhh, they always like to remind us of the Boston Tea Party... which was a protest against Britain's taxation.

I'm so tired of how stupidly uninformed these people are.
Exactly!! :D And speaking of the Revolutionary War... I find it interesting, and amusing that ppl today take the term "patriot" or "patriotic" to mean that a person is "loyal to their country." Weird! Because in the 18th century it meant EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE! LOL! Too many Americans are embarrassingly underinformed on the history of their own country. [According to the documentary, "Supersize Me," more school children recognized the picture of Ronald McDonald than Jesus, George Washington, or even Santa Clause [who was 2nd in line]. PATHETIC... sigh.

The truth is that the American colonists in the Revolutionary war were polarized on two sides that fought constantly: 1. Those who supported British Rule [the "Loyalists"], and those who were "traitors" that wanted to fight to be free of British Rule [the "Patriots"]. "Patriot" was originally an 18th century British derogatory word for people who were the so-called "traitors" or "rebels" or "insurgents" or whatever term you want to use for them these days. CaraColeen, you are EXACTLY RIGHT! This country was a country of "patriots" - in the sense that they were rebellious, stubborn, "whiners" since it's founding!! And so, after over 200 years of "patriots," people continue to be stubborn and rebellious and demand reform from their government; as it is their right to do. Unfortunately that term ["patriot"] which was namecalling in the 18th century has somehow evolved into a "badge of honor!" People now think that Patriots are the same thing as Nationalists, which they're not supposed to be. The TRUE "patriots" are those who ARE TRAITORS! Just food for thought...
hah it took me a few glances to see the "lunatic atheists" bit on the top.

i understand religious folks debating about religion with atheists, and not wanting people telling them god doesn't exist, but to start saying things like this is opening a can of worms i don't think they realize they don't want to open. but if they want to start a name calling game about which belief system causes the most wars... HAH.
Umm... they do [create the most wars]... which is why its amusing and ironic that they would suggest that we will start a civil war. [See statistics on religious or non-religious propensities and violence at ]


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