Vandalism in the Name of Atheism - Keep Your Guard Up

Just like a minority of fundies that give religion a really bad name, think of bombings, killings, hate propaganda etc..., there are probably some atheists who just can't help themselves either. As you can see in the video, either a moronic atheist or more likely than not, someone trying to give atheists a bad name, vandalized a church.  The response of the actual church of the FSM was the right thing to do and we as a community need to be on the look out for these types of attempts to give our cause a bad name. The last thing we need is to support the stereotypes that are out there. So be on the lookout and keep your guard up. If you see something or someone trying to give us a bad name, make sure you respond in the exact opposite way.


I would love to hear thoughts on this and your ideas on how we can put out there that in fact atheists are not the satanists and communists people would like to believe we are. What are we doing that can address those stereotypes? Can we do more? Are we harming our cause?


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At least atheists can stand up and voice to the media that they do not approve of this. I would hope anyway.


Maybe all the big cheese atheists can get together and make a public announcement they vehemently condemn vandalism, and why, (unlike the non-response, for the most part, Muslim clerics would make in a similar situation, imo).

We should be vandalising and destroying ARGUMENTS & IRRATIONALITY, with words; not buildings with paint, or people with weapons. Words are the most powerful, damning weapons we have...

Sad to say, I've read a number of comments from Atheists on this issue and you'd be surprised at how many think it was OK spray-painting the buildings and they also thought it was the stupidest idea to raise money to help the church. 

Reactions like those make me concerned about the overall look of our group (I say "group" only as a point of reference of being an Atheist) 

They completely missed the point of raising the money OR are they just plain extremist that we ALL should be concerned about.  A big part of being an Atheist to me is trying to have very good moral standards.  Actions like what happened to the church, gives me disappointed view towards "our group".  This wasn't logical action; it was plain senseless and does more damage to ALL of us.
My refusal to donate was not because I am a hardcore extremist. There were some doubts about the validity of these stories, and whether or not a person who was a part of the FSM movement did this. Especially the Harry Potter vandalism. Also, my reasoning is this; I was emotionally abused by people of the faith, and the church I was forced to go to three times a week. To help fix another church so it could do the same thing to another person very much like me, is something I cannot bring myself to do. I have nothing but respect for those that chipped in, and maybe someday, when the wounds aren't quite so raw, I can be the bigger person.


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