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It suddenly hit me that Valentine's day is somewhat a Christian thing. In US this day is called mostly Valentine's day but for those that don't know or simply forgot it's actually Saint Valentine's Day. Check this link from Wikipedia about the history of this red 'holiday'. Valentine's day started as a celebration for a couple of Christian martyrs. But, with the coming of courtly love, it eventually evolved into what we know today. I personally find this 'holiday' as pure non-sense. I think it's absurd to designate a single day of the year to express our love. Besides, it has become a day for flower, candy, and jewelry stores to justify selling more junk that we don't need. But, as an atheist I don't know how to approach this 'holiday', since it seems to have lost its religious baggage along the way (or has it?) What do you guys think?

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You guys saw google's doodle for today?

You need not be an atheist to oppose holidays and pseudo-holidays. As you pointed out, M.B., most holidays are exploited by the industry so as to make a good fortune. If we are honest to ourselves for a moment, we must admit that most of the presents bought for these occasions are things we neither want nor need.
I ceased conforming to many such societal conventions a long time ago. Neither do I buy presents for fixed holidays such as Christmas or random celebrating days such as birthdays, nor do I expect, in fact: want, anyone to buy me presents for such occasions. I give people presents when I wish to show them my devotion, not because I feel obliged to by external – that is, societal – forces.

I would approach it as you always have because it's such a minor holiday.  What's the point in getting worked up about small potatos when you have Easter and Christmas? 

As a couple, it's my intention never to celebrate Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day because I think they're meaningless and commercial.  Anniversaries and birthdays are good cause to celebrate.  I celebrate Christmas with gift-giving and some other "christian-y" traditions as an acknowledgement of family--but I feel it is just as bad as Valentine's Day.  I acknowledge the Winter Solstice because I simply hate winter. 

It's just another day of a so-called "year" in the calendar of our lives. In the larger picture it doesn't mean much at all.


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