Just wondering what everyone thinks of the recent airport security measures in the US. I am referring to the full body scanners and pat downs.

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I plan on bringing lube and asking if it will help speed things up.

It's an affront to our rights. The 4th no longer matters because fear is our ruler. At one time it was fear of a Hell or displeasing God. Now it's fear of upsetting the government. TSA has caught no terrorists in 9 years. I was on a plane in about 2006 and a guy I was working with flipped out a 4 inch knife he had forgotten in his bag. The reality is that the cockpits have been reinforced. None of us are sitting back waiting to have the plane taken over. OK, enough of us are not sitting back. There are armed pilots, I did a character interview for a friend for just that purpose. So say they get through us... yeah.. then they get the door... then they have to hope that the pilots aren't armed. The real threat is bombing. Since you only need 3 ounces of two liquids, to combine, and your rectum is well capable of accommodating that, and a bathroom will always have a door to close, the TSA is nearly worthless. The process that has always been is sufficient. Break out your box knife and see how helpful it is when a crush of ten guys has you pinned against a wall.

It's a bad joke. Reddit has a post suggesting that Obama should show his support for this action and send all three of his ladies through it.
Rofl at the lube comment!
Agreed. Gaytor is my hero of this week.
I've never flown, but I guess I'd have to agree with Gaytor. Fear has turned us all into a bunch of controlled, anxious bags of frayed nerves.
I think this kind of security makes us less safe. 99.whatever % of people aren't planning on blowing up any planes so we are wasting our efforts by making everyone go through these sorts of security procedures. We need to be focusing on that .whatever% of people who would like to blow up a plane and put in measures specifically to catch them. Reinforced cockpits... now that's a good idea that might actually prevent someone from hijacking a plane.
Agreed, agreed, agreed.

Don't touch my junk damnit! Are you my doctor, boyfriend, husband? NO!
Alternate paths through security quickly become the weak-link in the chain and are exposed to social engineering attacks. Everybody that boards an airplane should reasonable demonstrate that they are not carrying on dangerous materials into the cabin.

Certainly intel is key in identifying those that wish to bring harm to other passengers or circumvent security.
Basically, you get a choice, if you refuse the scanner, you get the patdown. It sux, but they are responding to known threats. Gaytor is right, it is about bombs, not boxcutters. We haven't caught any terrorists, but we haven't had any airplanes blown up either.
Yeah I know, but a girl can knee jerk a little if she wants to, right?

But actually, say for example, the scanner goes off because you have a knee replacement and they select you for the "grope session" as a result, then you really don't have a choice according to some news reports I saw yesterday and today. According to what they said on the news, at that point, if you refuse, you will be escorted out of the airport. The reason for that is they don't want you wandering around trying to get through other scanners without being selected for the grope session.
Your reaction is totally understandable. Think about the crewmember's dilemma. These scanners give radiation, and the airlines are recommending the crewmembers take the pat down, rather than being xrayed thousands of times. Everybody has a right to be angry. I just think that our anger is misplaced when we direct it toward the TSA.
I saw Captain Sullenberger on the news last night talking about that.

I don't know anything about the TSA so I can't really comment one way or the other on them. But of course I'm sure most of the gropers don't like what they have to do anymore than the person they have to do it to. But there might be one, or two, who knows. I did hear only a high school education is required for that job.

Also on CNN Anderson Cooper last night, he said that the TSA said that the images from the scanners are not stored or passed around to other computers but after some investigation was done, that was found to be untrue.
No, the reaction is not "understandable". It does not take into consideration the overall system, the TSA's role in security, and is blatantly exaggerating pat-downs as "groping".

And directing anger towards the TSA? While I think congeniality training would go along way in cleaning up their tarnished image, they are just trying to keep weapons out of carry-on luggage.


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