Update the energy experimental work with the crop circles.

Well the progress of working with the codes for the latest transfer system is going well.

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Hi Reg, since you have been to Stonehenge and seen the action there, you  may be able to get a transmitted sound from them. If that happened that would make you the first American citizen in the world to be contacted from outer space. That means instant riches and fame.

Reg is from Ireland.

@ I can't see you:

"...billions of light years in order to...make some amusing geometric patterns..."

Yes, that is correct Sir.  Because the only human painting they had seen was a Jackson Pollock,

from that experience they thought we needed art lessons. ;)

I remember when I first travelled with some fellow humans to an alien planet...our mission was to cure eye socket injuries and groin infections by creating intricate patterns in the alien surface. Since we had to observe the prime directive...we only did so at night time in a village where everyone was drunk. We have no idea if it worked but we'll likely visit there again in 5 years and then see if there is less eye-socket problems in the villages where we etched our patterns. Also...the planet has a lovely alcohol which sort of tastes like chocolate-parmesean-cheese-and-making-love all in one (which surprisingly goes well together). It's worth the cosmic hangover! 

I am not a US citizen just yet. I have heard some Americans who claim to have been contacted from outer space though. Technically the contact was made while they were on Earth by migrant aliens who were not very talkative so maybe that does not count. They never seem to leave a coherent message and their sign language is….rather painful. I suppose all gods are aliens too as they are not from Earth. I am not interested in the fame but some money to finance my trip to our nearest star, the Sun would help. To get around the problem of the heat I am going to travel there at night.

Hi Reg , now as you have been to Stonehenge on a visit , that place is a very important place to them. So there is a very good chance they may transmit a single noise or double bracket noise as a reward ; if this happens that means that you can set up a good recorder at night time over night to catch any sounds they send, and that is the big reward. The sounds are full of big power.

How do you know Stonehenge is important to Aliens?

Why, they came all the way over here to build it, of course!

It does seem they didn't place a huge priority on dressing the stonework, doesn't it? Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all outshone them on that front.

With Stonehenge, they were just testing their gear in preparation for the Egyptian, Mayan, Greek, and Roman accomplishments. Then, they shifted gears into placing shapeshifting lizard into prominent positions. (Didn't you see the movie Them?)

Hi Strega , that is a unknown factor that has been a puzzle to the experts so far.

If anyone is talking about aliens, they are cranks and not experts. 

It would go a lot further toward believably if Ol' Stony was made out of Space Metal.


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