So on my news feed on FB the other day, an friend of mine posted this link:

What do you guys have to say about this?  I was kinda angry and dumbfounded. 

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Just what the world needs, Kirk Cameron explaining why faith (belief without evidence) is stronger than doubt 
(questioning why things are.)  Don't think people, just accept!

It does not appear to have a cinema rating but I think it should be deemed unsuitable for children.  I suppose it is also not suitable for a mature audience. Free bananas to all on opening night. The perfect silent snack.Kirk Cameron…Oh that reminds me…..Season Four of The Walking Dead is not far away.


I'm not dumbfounded by it. It just keeps proving to me that most people hook into the emotion that religion stirs up. Its that single point alone that keeps religion ahead. I think it always will.

When it comes to owning peoples emotions, religion wins hands down.

Heres a trailer for his show.

Oh and he'll probably make a fortune from it.

Oh and he'll probably make a fortune from it.

That's the point. That's the only point in any organized religion on this planet, at least nowadays.

Here's Kirk's running buddy, Ray Comfort, being interviewed on "The Atheist Experience":

I particularly liked Matt Dillahunty's analogy of the evolution of Latin into Italian and Spanish - no Latin-speaking woman ever woke up one morning and realized she had a Spanish-speaking kid.

This Ray Comfort guy, what's the deal with him? His brain seems completely incapable of ratcheting up just one more notch.

Reminds me of a scene in "Spinal Tap" and the immortal answer to "why not just make 10 louder?" and the response "but this goes to 11".

Let me familiarize you, Robert, with the logic of Ray Comfort - note also the actual, all-natural banana, before Man improved on it:

Then, there's this:

Ray Comfort - you can't explain that --!

This graphically counters most Creationist claims:

This is a very comprehensive, well thought out video. But I would differ with the narrator on one point. He seems to be saying that before the Big Bang, there was just empty space with no matter and no energy. Then the universe expanded into this empty space. I don't agree with this definition.

Most of you have probably been exposed to the concept of a two dimensional "Flat Land". This Flat Land doesn't float around in three dimensions, It has no thickness. It exists on a geometric plane.

One can extend this concept to a one dimensional "String Land". It has no width or height, only length. It exists on a geometric line.

The concept can be extended to zero dimensions. It exists as a geometric point. It is my understanding that this is "Nothing".

Want to see a man who doesn't belong within a thousand yards of any classroom? Notice he makes no mention of evidence, nor any effort to respond to the kids' doubts --

Good point.

Speaking of bat-shit crazy --


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