I've worked at my current job for just over 5 years now.  I've enjoyed my job, and been promoted a couple of times within the company.  About a year ago, my company hired a brand new CEO.  The company has since begun to grow quite a bit, and post much higher profits than in a few past years.  This new guy is really kicking our company into high gear.  This is admirable, and I was very excited to work under this man.  He's very involved in the day to day duties of our company, which I feel is great considering his position within the company.  However, in recent months, things have changed slightly.  He sends weekly emails to the entire company (our company employees thousands of people internationally), and within his emails, he attaches Bible scripture, passages, and personal religious beliefs.  These passages are becoming more and more frequent with each email, his most recent email actually highlighting a Bible passage so everyone takes notice of it.  It's well known with many of my fellow workers that I am not a religious person, so they know that I get down right livid when I read his emails.  I can no longer take his emails seriously, and I no longer even read them in their entirety.  I scan through, basically looking for the Bible passages that I know will be there, and I move on about my workday.  Frankly, I'm tired of receiving these emails from him, and many others within my company are as well.  Even our Human Resources manager, who deals with harassment in the workplace, has even said it is very unprofessional on his part.  In my opinion, I feel it's discriminatory and offensive.  There are probably hundreds of different religions within our workplace, with 4 out of the 5 people in my department being atheist or a non believer.  I'm looking for a little guidance on the issue, or if there is any sort of legal action that I might be able to take to stop these emails.  No one, including me, which is sad, I know, wants to say anything to this man because, well, he's the CEO of the company.  Very tricky to approach.  Any advice, folks?  I'm at a loss and can't really seem to find much on the issue as far as legal action is concerned.  My workplace even made a memorial for Veterans' Day, posting up a table with certain items on it in the middle of our work area, one of those items being a Holy Bible.  I complained about this, but all they did was attach a little note saying that "the bible is not meant to be here to discriminate against other religions...." and so on and so on.  Not sure what to do.

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He probably keeps doing it because nobody would dare tell a CEO that they find it innappropriate that he is sending bible passages...

I find it hard to believe that a properly qualified HR executive isn't prepared for approaching people above his/her station about sensitive issues.  I'm calling shenanigans on that excuse.

I agree, Erik.  After thinking over it for the weekend, I don't think I'm going to pursue anything, unless the matter doesn't improve.  I can handle his business emails, but after reading this most current one, it wasn't business related at all.  Just a bunch of motivational "this and thats" that helped him.  That makes it something else entirely, in my opinion.  I'm leaving it alone for the time being.  This Friday, when he sends another email, though, may change my mind.  If it continues, my manager told me to just start giving quotes and motivational responses using my own system of "beliefs."  I actually like this idea, and I laughed about it, but I think I just may do that.


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