A couple of months ago, after a number of rejections from literary agents, I gave in to vanity and self-published a book I have written which attempts to unpick some of the inconsistencies in the Christian faith, as well as its general incoherence as a system of belief. The book is entitled 'Unbelievable: Christianity as a House of Cards'.

In the book I asks the questions: What happens if, for the sake of argument, one indulges the faithful by accepting as many claims and conceding as many points as possible? What happens if one accepts the existence of God and the veracity of the Gospel account of Jesus? In short, what happens if one takes Christianity seriously and then plays it at its own game? My conclusion: It would appear that even with these rather charitable concessions, Christianity still doesn't make sense.

I have a website that documents my meagre efforts at promoting the book, which include various requests for retweets to Richard Dawkins, Stephen Fry, Ricky Gervais, Sam Harris, PZ Myers, Matt Dillahunty and Pat Condell (those last three have actually obliged), as well as other more unlikely suspects such as Barack Obama, Shirley Phelps-Roper and the Pope (those three, unsurprisingly, did not oblige). And I have been a guest on my local radio station in order to talk about my book and religion in general.

The book is available from all Amazon outlets in both print and Kindle formats, and as an iBook and Barnes & Noble Nook. The website includes links to these sites and also offers various 'Appetizers', reworked excerpts from the book, so that would be readers can get a feel for it in advance of a purchase.

If anyone wants to buy the book I could do with the sales, and if anyone has read it I could do with the reviews. Above all I could do with some feedback.

Thanks for reading this

Best wishes

Stuart Ingrouille

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