This Sunday I will be attending my parents church. Their church has invited a christian apologist by the name of Dr. Brad Harrub This guy is a church of christ super star and with good reason. This guy got me to fall back into the church about 2 and a half years ago. It set me back a great deal and now it's time for some payback.

This is where i need TA's help I want to drop some atheist questions on this guy that he would have a hard time explaining (this guy is an ex neurologist so i need very strong material) . I havn't been an atheist long enough to really defend my position (ive read enough to convince myself I just have a hard time remembering the facts). Hopefully with your help whenever he finishes his sermon with an open Q&A I'll be able to stump him with some really good atheist arguments. Links to blog posts, scientific journals, and everything in between is what I am looking for.

Okay I admit this could be a vendetta thing but hear me out. If I ask the right questions and stump him I'm probably not gonna convince him but It might convince somebody that came to the church that day who is sitting on the fence, and that would be more rewarding in the long run for Ill have some local atheist friends to hang out with :P

Here are some more links to help get an idea of who this guy is....
Atheist attends one of his seminars and blogs about it

his personal website

one of his articles

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it's going to be hard to debate a guy who is a professional speaker, debater, christian apologist, and apparently even a "scientist". it would be hard even for an experience atheist.

this guy already knows the arguments against him and is ready with at least a first round of responses. at worst, he'll be able to at least muddy the waters if you aren't prepared to counter his responses. he may also be good at not answering, twisting the meaning of your words, changing topics, and throwing out random bible verses to support his argument.

since you say you are inexperienced, i'd say concentrate on one good question. make sure you know how to deal with the typical apologist responses to your question and how to manage someone who tries to weasel out of questions.

fyi... here's another blog post about Harrub which might be interesting
Hey Tiki

Check out this group on TA :]

Quick Arguments Against Religion

That should get you going :]

Also this choppy video I quickly made showcases it

Hope that helps!
I just attended two talks by Brad Harrub last weekend, and am coincidentally the person who writes the blog mentioned by noisician.

In my opinion, Dr. Harrud is a very smooth talker; if you were an unquestioning believer you would probably be duped by some of his points. I tried to document in my post what his claims were for the two talks I attended, but haven't had time yet to write detailed responses to them.

After I attended his seminar and wrote my post, I found audio of talks he has done before. He apparently gives more or less the same talks wherever he goes. Here's a link to talks he gave at another church; maybe this will also be helpful in knowing what to expect.

I haven't listened to the audio on these files in their entirety, but they seem to cover more or less the same ground that he covered in the seminar in Tennessee last weekend. I'm not "out" as an atheist yet, so I didn't ask any questions myself, but there were a few other people there who did ask questions from the Memphis Freethought Alliance.

Here are two thread from their Google group which talk about Harrub's seminar

A lot of what Harrub says is ridiculous to someone who even has a passing acquaintance with science, but knowing how to counter what he says is not as easy as it might seem. Whether you decide to ask him a question or not, I hope this information helps so you know what's in store.
yeah, that was depressing. thanks a lot, Happy !

all these kinds of things keep pointing out how important it is that skeptics and rational people fight against this tide of intellectual dishonesty and ignorance.

weekly propaganda sessions are built into the believer lifestyle, along with having lots of kids and brainwashing them to further propagate the religion "virus". no wonder it's survived so long.

how can we fight against something so big and successful?
you really shouldn't get sucked up into these arguments because they're completely ridiculous it begin with.

but more to the point: instead of getting into a long debate with a creationist where you have to end up defending science (when you obviously don't have a degree in physics or biology- and you end up looking like an idiot), you only have to remember (and point out) one thing:

creationists will bend over backwards to show the gaps in science, while their own alternative is a fucking fairy tale!

They'll bring their "scientists" before you, who will speak to you in "rational" terms on why science is wrong when tested under their scrutiny. But when they'll finally start talking about their own alternative, scrutiny and critical thinking somehow get completely thrown out the door. "Evolution is wrong because the findings are bla bla bla- but talking snakes and magical apples make perfect scientific sense. Everyone knows snakes can talk..."

Please read my post on the subject:

Further more, despite what the apologists say- YOU CAN'T PROVE GOD.
and even if you could, you'd still have to prove Christianity, and debunk all other religions. because it's not just god- it's specifically Jesus.

And besides, why is it that every atheist has to become a freaking expert in physics, biology, astronomy, chemistry, history and so forth in order to answer every half wit theist who hears something from his pastor???
Mainly because compared to a lot of the people asking us questions, a basic college-level knowledge of the subject seems to be PhD-level expertise, so they assume that if we know some, we must know all, and when we don't, they instantly claim victory. Never mind that they know even less.


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