Interesting idea raised by Jimmy in another thread - if an advanced race fully understood their DNA they could recreate themselves as they saw fit.  Topic for discussion: What would be the ultimate modifications?

I'm imagining almost all brain, living in an almost indestructible metal shell connected to robotic limbs that could be changed out as necessary.  What do YOU think?

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Someone here suggested we code DNA to make about any sort of body/avatar we want/need.  Perhaps we could have one designed specifically for sensuality, :D

Now that is an idea.

We could each have a duplicate of ourselves to harvest for replacement parts if needed. 

Maybe we could even genetically engineer me a heart. :D

HEY!!!  I did that for a different reason...Leave my clones alone...go make your own. :)

Eyes that could see in the full spectrum but also able to choose how much of spectrum to view at one time, would be kinda cool

The sex organs and sewage organs separated?
Steel coating on nuts?

I was thinking that that would sort of explain Superman's x-ray vision.  That's the way it seemed in the latest movie.

I don't actually think your eye example is all that far away. Another decade, maybe two. But it will be electronics which get there first. The only real hurdle left is deciphering the electronic code the eye uses to communicate with the brain. Which is something we have made some decent progress in already with cochlear implants.

It might actually be a tight race between biology or technology granting us immortality first.

Neurological signals aren't purely electrical. They are electro-chemical. I don't think we are on the brink of turning information from a CCD to electro-chemical information just yet.

They are only electrochemical as they need chemical reactions to produce the electric signal that is transmitted to the brain through the optic nerve.

Anyway we can already turn information from a microphone into electric signals the brain can understand through the auditory nerve. Now i understand sight will be more difficult , but we already have proof that the basic idea behind it works.

We've sent electric impulses directly to the retinas to give sight to the blind.  So far I think they've only managed 32 pixel resolution, but that's pretty fantastic when you've been living with 0 pixel resolution.

That is amazing, but it sounds like we're still a long long way from giving people anything close to normal sight.


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