Interesting idea raised by Jimmy in another thread - if an advanced race fully understood their DNA they could recreate themselves as they saw fit.  Topic for discussion: What would be the ultimate modifications?

I'm imagining almost all brain, living in an almost indestructible metal shell connected to robotic limbs that could be changed out as necessary.  What do YOU think?

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Seems to be a very good evaluation.

Some details:

Would a species with ~C propulsion have equipment for deep space planet fall sensing?

I would expect that a search such as this would be mostly continuous and would be part of a mapping program. Given the distances involved they would need natural references for both flight and planet fall.

Also given the distances, mapping of materials for craft repairs and food would be needed. I expect that they would be 'living off the land' with a highly developed technology for raw materials processing, fabrication, fuel. This might mean very large ships, with an active population on the craft. They might be involved with establishing stations on habitiable planets or in useful nebula, which might again offer a very visiable reference from great distances away. I wonder if they might establish fuel depots in nebula or around gas giants?

I would expect that star systems that are more issolated from others to have more stable planetary orbits due to reduced perterbations from other systems. Also older systems, or main sequence stars, would have suns that are less prone to ugly transitions or flares. Having your station cooked by the local star could be a horrble loss of life and cultural investment.

Flight through nebula with very active star formation might be hard on equipment and personel, due to heavy radiation load.

I think we could build logic models for different 'exploration plans' to determine where we might look for both habitable planets and possible civilizations. 'If we were them, where would we look and live?'

Given that thay might not be that different from us, they might have the same needs, but cultures might be very different with their own obsessive concerns.          

I really don't believe ETs will be travelling, much. It would make so much more sense to send off small probes filled with eggs, filled with genetic code that can be updated via wireless, ala Google Docs.

Well you could have atleast humored me..;p).

The 'Poor Alien' protocol is the more likely....

I read today that lobsters are basically immortal. Alive until killed somehow.

"No one alive today would get to live - we can't change your current DNA."

Obviously. But as there would be a considerable financial outlay. who decides who gets to live "forever" - presumably without pain. Just the rich? I'll pass, thanks.

This would, at the same time, be central to the idea and off-topic.

Eventually population controls will be put in place - either by us or by nature.  Nature is not known for being humane, even in comparison with the most despicable humans.  I think our future likely lies with a group that sets itself apart in ruthlessness to pursue such goals - much as our history has shown.

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Moving them a little further apart, at least in the case of women. Maybe #1 through the navel, leaving #2 where it is now. I don't think there's any urgency in terms of moving #1 away from the sex organs. Urine is basically pretty sterile.

Sterile sex. Once again, I pass.

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I would be very reluctant to give up the sensory feelings of skin on skin contact. A metallic appendage stroking another metallic appendage just wouldn't cut it for me.


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