Interesting idea raised by Jimmy in another thread - if an advanced race fully understood their DNA they could recreate themselves as they saw fit.  Topic for discussion: What would be the ultimate modifications?

I'm imagining almost all brain, living in an almost indestructible metal shell connected to robotic limbs that could be changed out as necessary.  What do YOU think?

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Again - there is no 'transfer' in this case - it's a copy/paste.  The original you, still dies.  A new life form with all your memories goes on living - but you are dead.

Heather- If every atom in my brain was replaced with an identical atom, would i then still be me?


You seem to be supplanting the biological "you" with the "mind" of the biological you.

We are proposing the continuance of the "mind" not the body.  The "you" that you perceive when you wake up is the mind, the "you" that you feel when you wake up is the body. 

The body has a limited span of existence in a functioning sense, the continuance of mind may have an unlimited time frame.

It is the mind that is important to your continued perceiving of the "you" when you wake up.  The wake/sleep cycle is a function of biology, the mind is a function of electrical synapses.

Our neural functions that underlie our minds are basically connections and switches.  

The mind doesn't know or care what media it rests upon, be it biological or computer, as long as memory and continuance are present.

I'll try one last time, then I'll give up, because there are some here who just seem unable to understand this.

It doesn't matter that your molecules/cells swap out over time - because there is a continuity of experience recorded that is 'you'.

If I make a copy of your mind into another object/avatar, there are now two you's, and for a moment they will both have exactly the same mind but will instantly begin to diverge in experience.  You will not see the world through the experiences of your copy - your copy will see the world through its experiences.

Both of you will want to live, and neither one would gladly take a bullet to the head saying, "That's ok, the other me can go on living instead."  You still end up facing your own mortality.

Now you might die in your sleep without ever really facing your mortality (my preferred way to go) - but even so, your continuity of existence ceases at the moment of death, your accumulation of experiences ceases.  Your copy may go on living - and that's cool for your loved ones, because they have a copy of you - but the original still dies because the original is not accumulating experiences through its copy - the copy accumulates experiences through itself.

@Rocky John - Heather- If every atom in my brain was replaced with an identical atom, would i then still be me?

If instead of you being replaced atom by atom another you was constructed in Capetown, S. Africa identical atom by atom, you seem to imply that you'd be the first person to exist in two places at the same time. 

Is that true? If not, why not?

@Unseen - I say no.

What a horror it would be to wake up after the consciousness transfer to discover that I'm not a real person, but that I'm a simulation of myself trapped in a box.Trapping me in a robot would be only marginally better.

@Unseen.....Let us hope to have options to be or not to be cloned.

A clone is a twin of me, not me.

Please don't go there.  I actually shuddered :)


I shudder with you.

"There can only be one" (snicker)

What is "life" about a copy of my brain? A copy is a copy. Take identical twins, for example. They may look alike, they may be genetically identical, and yet they are different people.


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