Interesting idea raised by Jimmy in another thread - if an advanced race fully understood their DNA they could recreate themselves as they saw fit.  Topic for discussion: What would be the ultimate modifications?

I'm imagining almost all brain, living in an almost indestructible metal shell connected to robotic limbs that could be changed out as necessary.  What do YOU think?

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@Unseen - I say no.

What a horror it would be to wake up after the consciousness transfer to discover that I'm not a real person, but that I'm a simulation of myself trapped in a box.Trapping me in a robot would be only marginally better.

@Unseen.....Let us hope to have options to be or not to be cloned.

A clone is a twin of me, not me.

Please don't go there.  I actually shuddered :)


I shudder with you.

"There can only be one" (snicker)

What is "life" about a copy of my brain? A copy is a copy. Take identical twins, for example. They may look alike, they may be genetically identical, and yet they are different people.

@Unseen....Exactly.....a copy of yourself, is only a copy at the instant of transfer. The copy then takes on new experiences, making it unlike the original. 

Twins aren't copies, they have different experiences, different memories. 

You made it very clearly.  If the sense of continuity is so critical to us, perhaps that's why "life after death" feels so comfortable to the religious.  I wonder how many religions there would be today if none contained the postulation of life after death.

 hopefully I won't be lucid at the moment my death is evident and definite.

I know, right!? I'd probably have a heart attack, premature to an "expected" time of death.

@Kris.....Whatever continuity that has been forgotten, would be forgotten in the copy also. So yes, continuity is in the equation, but basically irrelevant pursuant to a copy. I very much know what you mean.

You're missing my point. The copy has its own consciousness. I'm not persisting, a copy of me is persisting. I am dead. A consciousness belongs to a body. A specific body.


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