This extraordinary footage shows a UFO over the Kremlin in 2009.  Have not encountered anything to debunk this one yet.

Despite the cesspool of trickery on the internet, occasionally the unexplainable stands out.

Has this one been debunked yet?

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I will note that and see if it is included in any released reports.

 But frankly, I still did not see the intact Russia building in the video


try this site out for some information about these videos.. there are buildings in the 2009 video that were demolished in 2007!


Ok, I believe that you are saying that the building on the left is the Russia Hotel.

Possibly, however there are two problems, the tower has a stepped feature that the actual tower does not have. Also there is a wide bright linear feature on the building in the  photo, that is much bigger and relatively brighter than that shown in the close-up photo. 





There are report of a live UFO/USO at the bottom of the baltic sea. In fact this is a neolithic site that is complete with stairways and altars. The most pecular thing is that the neolithic object is alive with EMF.

All electrical equipment die in proximity to to object and regain function at some distance.

This could be a neolithic occult site. maybe the site is magnetic and the flow of salt water around the object creates the EMF. In any event worth further investigation. But any apparent magic is most likely natural.



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