This extraordinary footage shows a UFO over the Kremlin in 2009.  Have not encountered anything to debunk this one yet.

Despite the cesspool of trickery on the internet, occasionally the unexplainable stands out.

Has this one been debunked yet?

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If no one can explain it, then it is by definition a UFO. 

ETs - not likely. If the videos aren't fakes, the aircraft are most likely government projects. A lot of stuff like this has been spotted in the Western US outside of Area 51 and other military bases. I'm sure we'll know what they are in 20 years. The same thing happened when they were testing the Stealth jets.

Your explanation is in the realm of possibilities. However to travel soundless and to hover has also been noted in the Belgium UFO flap involving triangular vehicles. I am not convinced that these vehicles are constituted of typical matter in this universe. I believe these are nonbaryonic entities, lacking electron shells and thus have the ability to pass through matter and make soundless plunges in to oceans as noted with USOs. Also they are not subject to the Higgs fields and thus lack inertia enabling them to do impossible accelerations and hair pin aerial turns as noted in many UFO footage. As the CERN LHC is unlocking the secret of the Higgs field such technology could be conceivable in our graps. Also this technology could also come from elsewhere in the multiverse where it is  ordered by a different physics. 

Wow, that's a mighty big leap to make from a grainy video clip. Do you have any evidence of such a thing? If this object was non-baryonic like you suggest, it wouldn't interact with photons either, so it would be invisible. Kinda shoots a hole in your theory. Also, you know what else is able to hover silently? Weather balloons.

Not true. It most definitely can be composed of quanta. but not assembled as atoms as we know them. Having quanta it most definitely could radiate a photon. The list of known subatomic particles (quanta) is dizzying. On the subatomic level things are very pixelated. Things have definite mass and definite energies. Increasingly atom smashers need greater energies to break these thresholds now at greater Gigaev.


You do realise that matter with its electrons stripped away (all of them not just the valence electrons) is considered plasma, right? As in only able to exist at high temperatures and it will oxidise any nearby matter. And to say that it is nonbaryonic is absurd. I think I will follow occam's razor with this one and say that this is something much more mundane.

Also this technology could also come from elsewhere in the multiverse where it is  ordered by a different physics.

This is blind speculation. Saying that this object is isn't composed of normal matter and it doesn't follow the laws of physics as we know them is ridiculous. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

That's not what's being proposed some quanta assemblage must obviously be in place of the electron shell to maintain order. subatomic particles, I believe more than 20 been identified constitute a huge erector set. Moreover with atom smashers increase in Gigaev more particles are and shall be discovered. convergence occurs when two elemental particles can yield the same resulting particle or field. For instance using the Feynman diagram a higgs particle could be produce by either two gluons or two quarks. The same field produce by two different particles. analogously structure induced by electron orbitials could be emulated by alternative assemblage. The assemblage could be neutral and thus avoid the huge repulsive charge of the electron shell. Construction on the subatomic level is thinking out of the box but may one day be feasible.



There is no such thing as not following the laws of physics. That also is not being said. What is being said is by different construction, inertia and the repulse charge of the electron shell can be avoided. But the new structure is indeed subject to the physics that such properties would induced. This property will include the ability to travel faster than light when not subject to the Higgs field.

I've seen these pyramid UFO vids before. They're creepy as hell. There's multiple videos of them from different locations and they usually have a smaller pyramid or rhombus orbiting around it. 

As I noted above I believe they are non-baryonic, as such we will never have evidence of them.

 They are outside the realm of our sensing technologies. They might as well be ghosts  angels and gods.


You are obviously part of the cover up.

Hail Xanadu.  Glorp Prop Loppy Brop!


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