I have sighted five UFOs:

  • three (fuchsia, blue, and golden) huge lights on the positions of vertices of a triangle; they were completely stationary for at least fifteen minutes.
  • a brilliant light which reached a superluminal speed within a second or two from a completely stationary position in the sky.
  • a brilliant light which "jumped" from one place to another in the sky, and then disappeared.
  • a dark spherical object with a "band" in the equatorial region with dots on the band
  • a thick brilliant beam of light travelling at a very high speed

They were "unidentified flying or stationary objects" in the sky. Such objects were sighted by many millions of people globally. One of my neighbors has sighted a huge extraterrestrial spaceship fly right above our building. Air force officers all over the world have sighted extraterrestrial spaceships up close within yards, which would hover over or remain stationary over nuclear weapon storages for hours at a time.

I have spoken to hundreds of people on the street raising awareness of the phenomenon. I'd say about 10 to 15% of the people I spoke to have sighted UFOs and a larger percentage of people know of people who have sighted UFOs. I even spoke with people who have been abducted by extraterrestrial beings.

I would like to know whether people in this forum have sighted any UFOs or have had other experiences pertaining to the phenomena.

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That would be "Top Secret" info and closely guarded by the "agency"......

That particular comic is from smbc-comics.com. I was sort of hoping the original link would go to the original webpage.

If you consider the amount of data that has been collected on the Extraterrestrial Intervention in the past six decades alone, and how the Intervention managed to keep humanity still ignorant about it and/or ridiculing those who have sighted UFOs or even abductees (so cruelly, I might add), then you can see why the ET Intervention can afford to be careless.  You can see the ignorance regarding and the denial of the phenomenon even in this thread alone.


Generally, their vehicles seem to have been sighted when they enter and leave their hiding areas which purportedly are in mountains or big bodies of water such as oceans or big lakes.  Rarely, there are cases of sightings of huge extraterrestrial vehicles either passing through or remaining stationary up close for people to see.  Yet, the ET Intervention seems, at times, careless, though they continue to keep their presence a secret.  Considering the fact that vast majority of humanity remains ignorant or in denial about their presence, despite enormous amount of data to suggest or prove that we're being visited by extraterrestrial forces, I'd think they would be able to afford to be careless.  Do you see what you guys are doing to help these sinister beings?  How foolish is it to help the very beings that are here to take advantage of weak and divided humanity to covertly overtake this world?


One of you mentioned monitoring abductees’ homes.  Let me tell you.  Some of the air force officers during one of their flights have sighted UFOs which they determined to be not manmade vehicles.  They attempted to launch a missile at their vehicles.  However, apparently, these navigators of the UFOs disabled the launch functionalities.  Do you think monitoring devices could not be disabled, if these ETs so desired during their abduction of people, when they are capable of disabling missiles targeted at them before they were even launched?  The only thing you would engender by monitoring abductees’ homes is invasion of abductees’ privacy.  Their privacy would be invaded by people and they, or anyone for that matter, would still get abducted by the ETs covertly.  You would not be helping them in any way. 


I urge all of you, particularly those who are scientifically inclined, to consider this very carefully before answering:  what other evidence besides mostly anecdotal evidence do you expect to obtain?  Just because you cannot explain the phenomenon does not indicate that the extraterrestrial visitation is not occurring.  Isn’t it more illogical to conclude that “unidentified” is unidentified so we’ll just leave it at that, than to conclude that these aerial vehicles that have been observed in proximity by some people including air force officers, which can maneuver in ways human science and technology cannot explain, would have to be navigated by extraterrestrial intelligent beings?  Again, these vehicles are capable of maneuvering in various ways incomprehensible to us: remaining in stationary positions for hours at a time, moving vertically up or down, navigating completely silently, making sharp turns in the air, "jumping" from one location to another, one vehicle "breaking up" into several vehicles or vice versa, attaining unimaginable speeds within seconds from a stationary position, etc. 


Before coming to an illogical conclusion that “unidentified flying or stationary objects do not indicate extraterrestrial visitation” or regarding it as “not sane” to conclude otherwise, why not ponder upon it for a while and try coming up with a logical explanation of your own for the phenomenon, and whether it is truly “SANE” to disregard the phenomenon despite the enormous amount of data that has been collected already?   


Here’re the books again, one of which is the collection of abductees’ testimonies and the other is a detailed scientific account of the implants abstracted from abductees, which are found to be manufactured out of extraterrestrial substances.


It seems, from your statements, that some of you guys have not watched the Disclosure Conference at the National Press Club.  As I have told you, if you would like the evidence of the phenomenon, go out on the street and ask people whether they sighted UFOs and verify for yourself just how many people have sighted UFOs and not talking about them.  You can also watch this video in which air force officers gave testimonies of observing extraterrestrial spaceships up close:  Disclosure Conference at National Press Club.  Try reading the books I have mentioned.  If you have any questions, I will try to answer as best as I can.


Making empty statements such as “there is no evidence of the phenomenon” is simply an idle remark, not to mention erroneous.  Go the extra mile and actually find out about it proactively.  After all, your life, your loved ones’ lives, and really the fate of humanity depends on each one of us becoming aware of it as it truly exists and preparing for the future which will be unlike the past.

About monitoring self-proclaimed abductees: If I stay with them for a month, sleeping in the same room, and don't notice them being abducted, will you then tell me that the aliens have erased my memory of the abduction?  Will you tell me that the aliens interrupted my consciousness in some way so I would not be aware of the abduction?  If so - then why don't they do the same to the people they abduct?

As for your 'mountain' of evidence - we've always had these sorts of stories.  A century ago, almost everyone attributed their bizarre experiences/sightings to gods, angels, or demons.  At the start of the space age, a fraction of these people began to attribute their stories to aliens - about the same time we started seeing alien themes in literature, radio plays, and eventually movies.

Explain to me how you know these stories are not the result of angels and/or demons.  What evidence do you have for the extra-terrestrial origins of these phenomena?  How do you know they aren't the result of humans traveling back to our time from the future?  What makes you think that they aren't the result of morgogs venturing out from their cloaked colonies on the bottom of the ocean?  Why do you discount the possibility that they are the result of x-men using their mutant powers to dazzle us?

Give me evidence of the extra-terrestrial origins of any of these events - evidence that proves non-supernatural, extra-terrestrial beings were involved rather than supernatural beings, terrestrial time travelers, mutants or cryptids.  Give me such evidence and I'll subscribe to your newsletter.  Give me even a convincing argument and I'll actually stop laughing at your posts.  Otherwise, please seek medical attention.

One of my neighbors has sighted a huge extraterrestrial spaceship fly right above our building.

You need to develop a modicum of skepticism. If you had any, you would have written that sentence changing "has sighted" to "says he saw." Even to write "believes he saw" would be going beyond the available facts.

Let's not even get into how he knew whatever he claims to have seen was "extraterrestrial."

Not all abductees recall the abduction episodes.  That is, there are many people walking around without realizing that they had (have) been abducted by extraterrestrials. 

I realize that some of you need to obtain some concrete proofs of abduction phenomenon for yourselves.  Most abductees who recall the incidences are not likely to come forward claiming that they were abducted.  They are psychologically, physically, mentally, and emotionally traumatized not only by the abduction episodes, but also by their fellow human beings who belittle them as “mental cases” and such.   If you can find people who claim to have been abducted and are willing to allow you to sleep with them in the same room for a month (for without their permissions, you’d be liable for your actions), how will you know if and when they get abducted?  Apparently, the abductees who recollect the incidences remember having been rendered paralyzed, immobilized, or otherwise incapacitated during the abduction.  If these extraterrestrials didn’t want you to know that they are abducting the people you sleep with in the same room, do you think you wouldn’t be forced to remain totally asleep or otherwise rendered unconscious?  That is, if they would continue to abduct these people during that month and they did not abduct you as well. 

Some of those abductees who recall having been abducted or suspect that they may have been abducted wake up with some strange marks or implants in their bodies.  Some of the implants have been extracted by a surgeon who has sent them to be analyzed by different laboratories, without informing the lab technicians how or where he obtained the implants.  The lab results were that they are devices engineered with precision, manufactured out of extraterrestrial substances.  Here is a quote again from the book “The Aliens and the Scalpel” by Dr. Roger Leir:      

Most of the metallurgy indicates that the structure of these objects has an extraterrestrial origin.  If this is indeed the case, we will be able to conclude that some individuals with alien abduction histories have objects in their bodies of extraterrestrial origin.  The composition of the objects includes metals whose isotopic ratios are clearly extraterrestrial.  Moreover, the form of the objects is clearly engineered and manufactured with precision rather than being a naturally occurring form.  In short, we now have the “smoking gun” of ufology: hard physical evidence of an alien presence on Earth! (Leir 161)     

So those aliens who abduct human beings are physical beings from outer space who brought these implants engineered out of extraterrestrial substances.  They have more advanced technology than human beings and they also possess very sophisticated skills to persuade others in the mental environment, which humanity, at large, is not even aware of.  There is so much to learn about them:  their weaknesses, their strengths, their covert activities, their ultimate goals, and life in the universe.  Yet, the skepticism about the phenomenon that is prevalent in the world is deterring humanity from getting educated about them and preparing to face non-human races.   Having read the books aforementioned and watched the Disclosure Conference at National Press Club (if you have), what do you truly think about the phenomenon? 

I realize that some of you need to obtain some concrete proofs of abduction phenomenon for yourselves. 

And you don't?

What kind of "lab" is going to return the result that "This was manufactured off world and is made of an extraterrestrial substance"? 

This is the sort of horseshit that charlatans can foist on people who have at best a loose grip on science and can't (or don't want to) think of skeptical questions to ask. There's no such thing as "extraterrestrial metallurgy." Is this taught in advanced metallurgical courses, perhaps on a graduate level? No. Don't make us laugh.

All of the possible elements are right there on the periodic table and we know how they can be compounded, because that is all based on their molecular structure. Some elements want to combine with each other, some can't, some only with great difficulty or under certain circumstances. Any "extraterrestrial" material is going to be one familiar to earthly science.

In short, we now have the “smoking gun” of ufology: hard physical evidence of an alien presence on Earth!

Where are the ufologists hiding it? Why isn't this being proclaimed far and wide by ABC, CNN, FOX, etc.? And please try to answer without implying some sort of conspiracy. This isn't the sort of news which, were it credible, could be contained.

It's easy to talk about something and its properties and what it's evidence of when you don't have to submit it to actual non-ufological examination and testing.

Then we come to a problem with alien abductions that should be obvious. Let's assume some spacecraft pulls up next door to my house to abduct my neighbors. Are you telling me I can't see it? There's no "Come here, Martha, and tell me I'm not seeing things. It looks like that spacecraft is kidnapping Mary Johnson!"? 

Why are there reports of "I was abducted by aliens" but no "I saw this weird craft pull up over Mary's house. I saw some beings drop out of it and go into Mary's window. Then they took her out and up into the craft, which flew away."

You can't see how nutty it is that these "abductions" seem to be witnessed only by the abductees? I know enough about these things to know that not all such claims are made by people living in some remote farmhouse of cabin.

Anyway, shame on you for buying into this pseudoscientific crap. What are you, 12 years old?

extraterrestrial metallurgy.

Yes there is... it's regular metallurgy, performed in a place other than Earth.

"Skeptical investigator Joe Nickell says that the alleged implants appear to be ordinary objects such as shards of glass or fragments of metal that become lodged in arms, hands, legs and feet due to accidental falls or barefoot walking. Nickell says that Leir's associate Derrel Sims refused to cooperate when asked to provide a forensic medical institute with specimens or photos for analysis."

Sounds like bullshit to me...

Evidence please, not conjecture, not testimony, fucking hard evidence.

If you don't require cold, hard evidence because you know the truth, then GTFO!

I have seen a few things that I thought to be 'interesting', but so far nothing that stands out. I do look up to the skies rather often, a have seen interesting events like the 'double sun' from temperature inversions, and a 'Triangle shape' of lights.

On a trip with a friend once, she commented that 'that is an interesting cloud', to which I asked 'Is it coming towards us?' We laughed our fool heads off on that one!

For far no 'little green persons' of note. Of course would I recognize such folks, out of everything else that attracts our attention?  

So far the only UFO's were from other people's observations, told to me in confidence. I find this sad, maybe I am not a good observer, or just not stupid enough to exagerate an observation to include 'magical thinking' or 'drama'.

So far the weirdest stuff has come from other people. Any where from the strangest claims of ability, to observations that would confound anyone of reasonable sense.

I do hold out hope that one day I will observe that one great 'WOW' event, that might change me, but so far nada....







When I was about 14, driving with my brother from Melbourne to Sydney we saw three things in the sky that looked like this -


Not as far off in the distance as the top photo - more like the bottom picture on the left.

It was a clear blue sunny day when we saw three of these, one behind the other and they didnt disperse like you would expect from a cloud - they stayed in form but moved similarly to a cloud.

Maybe they were clouds - who knows - who cares?  It was fun and very exciting. We couldnt stop talking about it.

I love this stuff - people love this stuff and it does no harm to anyone.

I hope you catch one some day ET.


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