I have sighted five UFOs:

  • three (fuchsia, blue, and golden) huge lights on the positions of vertices of a triangle; they were completely stationary for at least fifteen minutes.
  • a brilliant light which reached a superluminal speed within a second or two from a completely stationary position in the sky.
  • a brilliant light which "jumped" from one place to another in the sky, and then disappeared.
  • a dark spherical object with a "band" in the equatorial region with dots on the band
  • a thick brilliant beam of light travelling at a very high speed

They were "unidentified flying or stationary objects" in the sky. Such objects were sighted by many millions of people globally. One of my neighbors has sighted a huge extraterrestrial spaceship fly right above our building. Air force officers all over the world have sighted extraterrestrial spaceships up close within yards, which would hover over or remain stationary over nuclear weapon storages for hours at a time.

I have spoken to hundreds of people on the street raising awareness of the phenomenon. I'd say about 10 to 15% of the people I spoke to have sighted UFOs and a larger percentage of people know of people who have sighted UFOs. I even spoke with people who have been abducted by extraterrestrial beings.

I would like to know whether people in this forum have sighted any UFOs or have had other experiences pertaining to the phenomena.

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Technological advancement in the universe does not necessarily indicate spiritual advancement.  In fact, technologically advanced worlds in the universe often become secular in nature.  Even in this world, people are no more spiritually advanced than they were a few hundred years ago, if not less.  Stronger nations with advanced technology have often exploited some natives living in isolated regions for the acquisition of resources throughout human history.  Unfortunately, such is the case in the universe as well.

Westerners had arrived at the continent of America and presented themselves as friends to the Native Americans, luring them with trinket technology such as a compass which intrigued the natives.  You all know what happened afterwards.  Native Americans became decimated to near extinction, and lost their lands, freedom, self-determination, and sovereignty in their native lands.

Now, the entire human race is the native of this world that is being exploited so by extraterrestrial races from outer space.

What must humanity do then in order to preserve its freedom and self-determination within this solar system?


Actually, isn't it the case that advanced nations have exploited the spirituality of backward nations?

Anyway, when Cthulhu returns, I will be siding with him against the lot of you.

Human beings have evolved and attained the status of preeminence on this planet.  As such, human beings are the native steward of this planet.  Despite its many errors throughout its history, humanity and humanity alone has the native right to declare its sovereignty in this solar system.  If humanity were well versed in life in the universe, it would know that other extraterrestrial races have declared their sovereignty in their solar systems.  Such declaration is expected and respected by other races in the local universe.  Not doing so will inadvertently invite uninvited and unwelcome “visitors” such as the ET Intervention, alliances of resource-seeking extraterrestrial races (space-travelling pirates.)

Therefore, what humanity can and, indeed, absolutely must do is to unite itself first to declare its sovereignty within this solar system and establish its own rules of engagement with all foreign races from outer space. 

Also, humanity must conserve the resources of this world and preserve its environment to retain its self-sufficiency so that it doesn’t prompt any extraterrestrial races from intervening in our world for the purpose of preserving the world for ETs themselves, or put itself in a vulnerable situation that the ET Intervention will attempt to exploit.  Technology is easily obtained or copied in the universe.  However, resources are not so easy to obtain.  Technological advancement does not solve depletion of resources.  In fact, as can be seen on our planet, technological advancement requires more resources, not less.  When resources are depleted, they are depleted.  If such resources are necessary in creating and sustaining essential technology, they must be obtained elsewhere or the technology must be modified or discarded. 

In addition, humanity must not broadcast all of its weaknesses and strengths out into the space, for no advanced races aware of life in the universe would broadcast themselves out into the space for discreet observers to observe and potentially exploit such transmissions for their benefit.  Thus, humanity must learn to exercise discretion in order to prevent manipulations by extraterrestrial races from outer space.

So, humanity must unite itself, maintain its self-sufficiency, and exercise discretion in order to retain its freedom and self-determination. 

Do you see how important it is now to preserve our world, instead of squandering the resources and ruining the environment? 

Do you see the vital importance for the human race to declare its sovereignty in the solar system?


Some people may believe that if resources of our world are depleted, then they can just venture out into the space and acquire whatever they need.  However, inhabitants of our local universe cannot simply travel to other solar systems for acquisition of resources as if they are there for their exploiting and taking, for other solar systems are already occupied, and entering their spaces are likely to be met with hostile forces of the natives.  If any world attempted to take control of any other world by force, there would be so many worlds gathering their forces to suppress that one world that it would not be worth its effort. 

This is the reason that the ET Intervention cannot and will not overtake the world by force, not because they are benevolent ETs here for the well-being and welfare of humanity.  At any rate, they are here for resources and they want to preserve the resources and the world for themselves.  It would defeat their purpose to simply destroy them.   

Many of the technological worlds in the universe have depleted their resources and must now travel across the space to obtain them.  However, our local universe is not an uncharted region, but a region occupied by mature societies with long-established commerce and trade with established rules and regulations and code of conduct.  According to such rules and regulations established for trade routes free of troubles and smooth transactions, a world cannot simply overtake another world militarily by force.  You can see the evidence of this from the fact that the ETs intervening in our world currently have not attacked air force officers using armaments, for example.  Yet, that does not in any way indicate that these ETs have benevolent intentions for humanity. 

Absolutely not! 

They regard violence as primitive and are not allowed to overtake the world by force because they are restricted by such rules and regulations.  So they are not here with military armaments.  Instead, these resource-seeking ETs present here in our world employ more subtle methods such as persuasions and deceptions in order to conquer the world clandestinely.  They have cultivated quite sophisticated skills in persuading and manipulating others’ thought in the mental environment.  You can see where humanity has a great disadvantage then, and what it must learn to do in order to counteract the ET Intervention. 

It is not our less advanced technology, but our ignorance about the ETs and life in the universe and uncultivated skills in the mental environment that are our disadvantage in dealing with the ET Intervention effectively and beneficially for ourselves. 

This must be clearly understood.  


We do not want to attract unwanted attention from the extraterrestrial races, for they recognize that preservation of resources and environment is the most important factor in survival and they will attempt to take them away for themselves from human beings that they consider to be a primitive, reckless race and an unworthy steward of such a beautiful world with immense biodiversity that they covet. 

It is not just some edifying concepts for experts like environmentalists or climatologists to consider.  Everyone must participate in preserving resources and the environment not only for our survival but also to maintain our freedom and self-determination. 

It is not the time to make contact with any ETs, for human beings collectively are NOT prepared to deal with them. 

Rather, it is time now to alert all of humanity against the ET Intervention, get educated about these extraterrestrials and life in the universe, educate as many people as possible about them, and prepare for future which will be unlike the past.  


That was all beamed directly into your head, right?

I suggest you read The Alllies of Humanity from cover to cover.  Then you'll know where it came from.

How do you know that the author, Marshall Vian Summers, isn't one of the bad aliens?


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